June 27, 2012

2010 June 22 – Gippsland Cyclist Fights to Overcome Lung Cancer

From the Podium to the Treatment Room

Gippsland cyclist Karen Munroe is in for the biggest challenge of her life as she strives to overcome a diagnosis of lung cancer.

After winning medals at a recent Master’s Games, Gippsland cyclist Karen Munro decided to get an aching hip looked at by her doctor. Hoping the treatment would allow her to ‘go a bit quicker’ on her bike, Karen received the shock of her life when she was told that her aching hip was in fact the result of cancer in her lungs.

Karen, an obviously fit, young, non-smoker overcame the initial anger at the diagnosis, changed her diet and confesses that despite the poor prognosis for her condition, feels ‘better than I ever have in my life!’

Her challenge now is to raise awareness of lung cancer and that it is not a cancer that only impacts on smokers.

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