May 15, 2013

2013 Nominations Now Open – The Luminous Award Australia

Enlightened, intelligent and inspiring cancer reporting

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The Luminous Award Australia recognises outstanding journalism in the field of oncology. Hosted by the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia, the Luminous Award honours journalists who serve their readers/viewers by providing responsible, accurate and timely information on advances in cancer prevention, research, treatment and patient support.  The stories the Luminous Awards have received in the past are inspiring and some readers have provided feedback to journalists explaining how their article has made a difference to them or has helped to save a life.  With the high burden of cancer in Australia, we feel it is most important to acknowledge the work journalists have in keeping the public informed of relevant health information.  

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Judging panel

The Luminous Award Australia is judged by an independent panel who is represented by the following organisations: