June 27, 2012

Changes to smoking legislation in New South Wales

The Lung Foundation would like to congratulate NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner for announcing a NSW ban on smoking in outdoor eating areas which is being hailed as an historic step. On Tuesday Ms Skinner announced a suite of bans, including new legislation which would immediately stop smoking in playgrounds, public sports grounds, swimming pools, transport stops and entrances to public buildings.

“People don’t like putting food in their mouths with smoke in the air, and this is something we are acknowledging,” Jillian Skinner said.

“The aim of this is to reduce the number of people who are smoking, and to reduce the exposure to people, particularly children and families, of third-party tobacco smoke.

“So we’ve introduced a series of places where children and families congregate more frequently, which is why we’ve got parks, playgrounds, sporting fields and so on, and commercial outdoor dining areas.”

The Lung Foundation supports these initiatives whole-heartedly and would like to see them rolled out nationally as soon as possible. We would be delighted if the NSW legislation could be implemented earlier than 2015.

“As the only organisation in Australia devoted to serving everyone with lung disease, we welcome these changes.” said Dr Robert Edwards, Chairman of The Australian Lung Foundation National Council, “We look forward to seeing them implemented as soon as possible”