Welcome to the inaugural National Air Quality and Health Meeting.

Lungs and Air

This site contains the agenda and other materials in preparation for the February meeting.

Meeting Aims:

  1. Can we design research linking air quality to lung cancer incidence in Australia? (with the aim to produce white paper subsequent to meeting)
  2. Communications strategy to appeal to public and policy makers
  3. Establish common ground with the view to an advocacy alliance (health/scientist)
  4. Future meeting dates


Meeting Date and Location

Tuesday 16th February, 2016

Graduate House

University of Melbourne

220 Leicester Street

Carlton, Vic 3053


Meeting Agenda

Each topic will have a short presentation (15min) and be followed by group discussion facilitated by two chair people.

1. DatabasesAURIN. Australian Urban Research Infrastructure NetworkProf Richard Sinnott (UoM) 9:15am
Discussion: Available data and associated research capabilities.

Chair: Allison Drosdowsky (PeterMac) & CAR member
2. Measurement of air quality CAUL (Clean Air and Urban Living Hub). Western Sydney monitoring project (WASPSS)Prof Peter Rayner (UoM)10:00am
Personal Exposure MonitoringProf Lidia Morawska (QUT)10:15am
Discussion: Air quality hot spots. Available technology/techniques and possibilities

Chair: Dr Robyn Schofield (UoM) & Prof David Cohen (ANSTO)
3. Health OutcomesOverview of air pollution and health CAR member11.30am
Current research in AustraliaCAR member11:45am
Discussion: How do we factor lung cancer incidence into air pollution research in Australia?

Chair: Prof Lou Irving (RMH) & CAR member
LUNCH 1:00pm
4. Legislation and governance of air quality in Australia Phil Hill (Environmental Justice Australia) 2:00pm
Chair: Dr James Whelan (EJA) & Dr Gavin Fisher (EPA)
Re-directing industrial levies to health outcomes in brown coal affected communitiesEd McManus (Powershop)3:15pm
5. Communication/Advocacy Strategies Discussion:

Chair: Prof Lou Irving & Heather Allan (Lung Foundation Australia)
Dr James Whelan (Environmental Justice)4.00pm


Invited Attendees
CAR members (Centre for air quality and health research and evaluation)
Prof Geoff Morgan
Prof Bin Jalaludin
Prof Shyamali Dharmage
Prof Lidia Morowska (QUT)
Prof Michael Abramson (Monash)
Dr Peter Franklin (UWA)
Prof David Cohen (ANSTO)
Gavin Fisher (EPA)
Dr Luke Knibbs (QUT)
Prof Anne Steinmann (UoM)
Heather Allan (Lung Foundation Australia)
Phil Hill (Environmental Justice Australia)
Dr James Whelan (EJA)
Dr James Markos (UTAS)
Dr Renee Manser (PM/RMH)
Mr Phillip Antippa (PM/RMH)
Gayan Bowatte (PhD candidate)
Senthil Lingaratnum (PeterMac)
Nigel Goodman (PhD candidate)
Fiona Armstrong (CAHA)
Jane McDermott (Maurice Blackburn)
Dr Mark Hibberd (CASANZ)
Annabelle Workman (UoM)
Dr Philip Dearman (RMIT)
Hannah Cross (VCCC)
Tamsin Waterhouse (VCCC)
Dr Danny Csutoros (DHHS)
Andrew Laird
Damon Cavalchini (Lung Foundation Australia)
Organising Committee:
Prof Lou Irving (PM)
Dr Robyn Schofield (UoM)
Prof Richard Sinnott (UoM)
Dr Alan Hershtal (PeterMac)
Allison Drosdowsky (PeterMac)
Prof Peter Rayner (UoM)
Prof David Ball (PeterMac)
Clare Walter (PeterMac)
Dr Susan Peters (UWA)
Prof Adrian Barnett (QUT)
Prof Ian Yang (UQ)
Prof Kwun Fong (UQ)
Dr Andrew Zammit-Mangion (UOW)
Dr Ryan Hoy (Monash)
Prof Guy Marks
Dr Christine Cowie
Dr Melita Keywood (CSIRO)

Suggested Reading

Atmospheric Environment 2009 Tie (233 KB) Environmental Emissions, public health and lung cancer risk (56 KB) Exposure-Response Estimates for Diesel Engine Exhaust and Lung Cancer Mortality (201 KB) The Australia urban research gateway (3 MB) The Mortality effect of ship-related fine particulate matter (1,000 KB) Volatile emissions from common consumer products (211 KB)

Session 2 Measurement of Air Quality

A spatio-temporal model for estimating the long-term effects of air pollution on respiratory hospital admissions in Greater London. 2014


Session 3 Health outcomes

Air Pollution and Mortality in Seven Million Adults: The Dutch Environmental Longitudinal Study (DUELS)


Low-Concentration PM2.5 and Mortality: Estimating Acute and Chronic Effects in a Population-Based Study


Hamra GB, Guha N, Cohen A, et al. Outdoor Particulate Matter Exposure and Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Environmental Health Perspectives 2014; 122:906-91.


Air Pollution:  A smoking gun for cancer.


Carcinogenicity of diesel-engine and gasoline engine exhausts and some nitroarenes


Raaschou-Nielsen O, Andersen Z.J, Beelen R, et al. Air pollution and lung cancer incidence in 17 European cohorts: prospective analyses from the European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects (ESCAPE). Lancet 2013; 14:813-822


Gauderman WJ, Urman R, Avol E, et al. 2015. Association of Improved Air Quality with Lung Development in Children. NEJM 2015;372;10:905-913




Session 4 Legislation and Governance in Australia

Clean Air. Less Cancer.  Working towards a National Clean Air Agreement




This meeting is proudly supported by:

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