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Lung Foundation Australia is proud of the support we receive from our many partners.  This support enables us to continue to deliver our services as well as drive world class research, helping the millions of Australians with lung disease as well as future sufferers.

Improving lives today and working on tomorrows cure.

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Novartis is caring and curing. We care for patients and are committed to answering unmet health needs around the globe. Our medicines address chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and respiratory disease; critical disease areas such as macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis and organ transplant; and for people living with cancer by way of breakthrough therapies in the areas of breast cancer and chronic myeloid leukaemia. We are committed to research and development and since 2007 Novartis has invested 20% of its net pharmaceutical sales globally in R&D – in Australia we invest around $AUD 30 million annually. Our dedication to research drives innovation and we have one of the strongest pipelines in the industry. In Australia, the Novartis Group comprises of – Alcon, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Sandoz. To find out more about who Novartis is, visit www.novartis.com.au.
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