Dr Woodrow Pattinson PhD

Dr Pattinson has worked on air quality exposure projects since early 2009 and when he commenced a Master’s thesis on exposures while commuting.

His PhD research focused on variation in traffic-related pollutant concentrations throughout low-income communities situated alongside major highways.

Since completion, he’s held postdoctoral fellowships at Canterbury University’s GeoHealth laboratory in Christchurch, NZ, and at the Atmospheric Laboratory for Urban Air Pollution and Climate, Federal University of Technology, Paraná, Brazil.

He currently works as a senior scientist at a specialist environmental monitoring company which provides high-end integrated solutions to the commercial and academic sectors. AirQualityLtd has close partnerships with the University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury which have a number of ongoing projects to improve population exposure characterisation using leading measurement technologies.

Dr Pattinson maintains a strong interest in issues of environmental justice and community health and enjoys collaborating with other researchers in this area.