December 28, 2012

National Asthma Week 1-7 September 2012

The Australian Lung Foundation supports National Asthma Week which is from 1 – 7 September 2012.

Below is a media release from Asthma Australia.

If I couldn’t breathe, would you know what to do?
Many people with asthma are unaware of Asthma First Aid. People may reach for their reliever medication and take a few puffs, then ignore and put up with symptoms. Sometimes people wait until they are struggling to breathe before recognising that they need help urgently.

A recent survey conducted by Asthma Australia, showed that when someone had an asthma attack, only 18% of nearby helpers actually knew what to do and could provide Asthma First Aid.

Watching a person you care about, or passing by someone having an asthma attack, can be a frightening experience.

411 Australians died from asthma in 2009.

Dr Simon Bowler, Chairman of the National Medical Scientific Advisory Committee is concerned that even with over 2 million Australians with asthma, many people are not aware of Asthma First Aid and the help they can provide. “Asthma is a significant problem in our country and needs to be taken seriously. Asthma First Aid is simple to learn, and in the lead up to National Asthma Week, Asthma Australia is encouraging all Australian’s to learn the four easy steps.”

National Asthma Week is held annually and is an opportunity to raise awareness and increase understanding of asthma; promote Asthma First Aid and build support for asthma throughout Australia.

Our message for National Asthma Week is simple – Be Prepared.

Whether you have asthma or not, learning Asthma First Aid is a simple skill that can save someone’s life.

During National Asthma Week, Asthma Australia is launching their new National Asthma Emergency Kits so that people have the equipment they need to provide Asthma First Aid.

Whether you are an employer, sports club representative, an interested member of your local community, a teacher, childcare worker, have asthma or care for someone with asthma – your local Foundation has a range of education and training options and tools to suit your needs. Call 1800 645 130 or visit for more information.