Better Living with COPD – A Patient Guide

Better Living with COPD – A Patient Guide (4 MB)

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Better Living with COPD: A Patient Guide (Second Edition) has been developed to support people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease to better understand their condition and the steps they can take to better manage COPD.  While it has been developed for the person with COPD, families and carers will also find it useful, as will health professionals caring for those with COPD.  This second edition includes useful new or revised chapters on Medication, Preventing and Managing a Flare Up, Intimacy, Travel, COPD and Other Related Conditions and Legal Issues.

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Contents by Chapter


01. Introduction (279 KB) 02. The Lungs (372 KB) 03. Lung Conditions (324 KB) 04. Lung Function Tests (349 KB) 05. Your role in managing your COPD (382 KB) 06. Stopping smoking and preventing a relapse (335 KB) 07. Knowing your medication (415 KB) 08. Using your inhalation devices (466 KB) 09. Preventing and managing a flare up (463 KB) 10. Introduction to Pulmonary Rehabilitation (307 KB) 11. Exercise and physical activity (493 KB) 12. Breathlessness, breathing control and energy conservation (391 KB) 13. Airway clearance keeping your lungs clear (289 KB) 14. Home oxygen therapy (346 KB) 15. Healthy eating (544 KB) 16. COPD and swallowing (320 KB) 17. COPD and other related conditions (350 KB) 18. Managing stress, anxiety and depression (368 KB) 19. Intimacy and COPD (308 KB) 20. Travel and COPD (345 KB) 21. Legal issues (322 KB) 22. Community support services (383 KB) 23. Frequently asked questions (301 KB) 24. Resources and support available from the Lung Foundation (524 KB) 25. References (465 KB)


Information for Chapter 21: Legal Issues has been provided by Turner Freeman Lawyers.

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