April 3, 2014

Kenneth Hodgson



Kenneth of Bateau Bay, NSW, started smoking when he spent three years serving with the British Army in Germany. He describes how this led to COPD and also offers some positive, practical advice to COPD sufferers:

My time spent in the Army was the start of my going downhill with emphysema. After the war cigarettes and tobacco were very cheap in Germany, a packet of cigarette was on shilling and eight pence for 20.

How did I realize I had emphysema? I was using the lawnmower and had trouble breathing, so off to the GP, then the specialist.

I have since been a member of the Long Gully Hospital Rehab Gym for over eight years now and with a nursing staff it is of great comfort.

I’m a married man with my wife as my main carer. I previously worked as a plumber but have been retired for 14 years.

The first I knew of COPD was the information given to me by the specialist who went into great detail about the ins and outs of the problem. The GP and specialist have been first class. The specialist explained to me that I won’t die with emphysema, more likely with a heart attack or pneumonia.

The effect on my life has been great, with shortness of breath curbing activity in the home or garden. Most people with COPD will find restrictions more so with hot or humid weather, but if you have a wonderful carer like I have, it makes life all right. To those people just diagnosed with COPD my only advice is to walk -walk & more walking!

My daily programme starts with a walk in the local shopping centre before shops open then home for a coffee. My main hobby is growing orchids in the shade house. I hope this story is of some value to maybe more than one person.