Peer Support Groups

Lung Foundation Australia supports a network of independent peer support groups for patients and carers affected by lung disease and lung cancer. These groups provide a safe space to provide mutual support and enable you to feel understood and heard when sharing your story.

Why join a peer support group?

By joining a peer support group, you join a community of peers coming together to provide mutual aid by sharing experiences and practical tips for navigating life with lung disease or lung cancer

The benefits of joining a group can include:

  • Feeling like someone ‘gets it’
  • Increasing your knowledge about lung health
  • Reducing the feeling of isolation
  • Improving your self-esteem
  • Becoming empowered in your self-management
  • Broader access to services (getting to know what’s available).

Today we have over 25 members from across the state who come together every month to seek information about their own care but also to share knowledge with others. It has been incredible to witness the support and camaraderie that is easily formed with people who just get it'.

Esther, Love and Light Lung Cancer Support Group, VIC

Who facilitates a peer support group?

Our affiliated support groups are largely peer-led, by patients and/or carers with a lived experience of lung disease or lung cancer. Some groups are led by respiratory healthcare professionals passionate about supporting patients. Group leaders facilitate group meetings, events and activities and welcome new members.

How does a peer support group run?

Our peer support group network is diverse, with face-to-face or online groups for specific lung diseases, varying interests, and formality.  We recognise that no one person’s journey is the same, so it is helpful to find a group that suits your needs and interests. 

Peer support groups may:

  • Hold monthly meetings for formal and focussed discussions
  • Invite healthcare professionals to guest present at meetings
  • Share experiences in a casual social setting
  • Participate in activities together

Lung Foundation Australia’s Online Peer Support Network

Join Lung Foundation Australia’s online network to become part of an online peer support group community Our network hosts a variety of private peer support groups facilitated by volunteer group leaders who may be living with or caring for someone living with lung disease or lung cancer. The network includes peer support groups for chronic lung diseases and rare lung diseases.

Benefits of the online network 

  • Connect with like-minded peers from across Australia. 
  • All groups are private and follow Lung Foundation Australia’s Online Network Guidelines. 
  • Participate in group activities such as video chat meetings, one-on-one or group messaging, guest speaker presentations, and share articles and helpful resources.  

To learn more, and express your interest in joining a group click on the button below.  


Can’t find a peer support group in your area?

If you are unable to find a group located near you, you may like to consider starting your own. Lung Foundation Australia can support you in establishing a group in your community.

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