Research is one of the most effective ways to improve the prevention, detection, treatment and management of lung disease.

Lung disease has, for whatever reason, struggled to attract the same level of research funding enjoyed by other disease areas such as breast, prostate, and heart disease.

Lung Foundation Australia has been trying to fill the gap over the 25 years by:

  • directly investing almost $11 million in research
  • generating an additional $7.5 million through lung cancer clinical trials
  • committing almost a quarter of our total expenditure to research

In 2016, we will give out $512,000 in research awards, up from $333,000 last year.

We will also attract additional $186,000 in matching funds from universities and institutions for a total of $698,000

This funding will support:

  • 3 students conducting post-doctoral fellowships
  • 8 PhD scholarships
  • 7 top up/travel and or poster awards

We will also contribute $1.1 million to our research platforms

But the real story is in what these researchers do when collaborating.

Over the past 10 years over $10 million of research funding has been generated through the work of these platforms, including:

  • Several NHMRC and ARC grants
  • Industry funded research
  • PhD funding
  • Philanthropic funded research

But this is just the start.

By 2020 we want to increase this funding in research to more than $5 million as well as significantly growing the value of our leveraged support.