How to join a trial

For Patients

LFA MCTN Community 2014 (423 KB)

In early 2009, the Lung Foundation recognised the need to establish a system that would provide information and educate the general community about clinical trials seeking recruitment through the MCTN. This need led to the Lung Foundation developing the MCTN Patient Community. Within the Patient Community, patients can:

  • Register their interest in participating in clinical trials
  • Access information about clinical trials from the trials page of the Lung Foundation website
  • Be contacted when suitable clinical trials are recruiting through the MCTN

For more information, please download the MCTN brochure and return to Lung Foundation Australia or contact us by phone 1800 896 590 or email at

For Health Professionals

Investigator FAQs (328 KB) MCTN Investigator Registration Form (382 KB)

Lung Foundation Ausralia established the Multi-centre Clinical Trials Network (MCTN) in 1998.  This MCTN service works with leading research companies (mainly pharmaceutical) who are looking for Investigator Sites to conduct their clinical trial. The MCTN assists in finding fully qualified Investigator (doctors) sites and patients who may be suitable to part take in the research.

The Lung Foundation developed the MCTN Investigator Community as a service that allows a Doctor to register their interest in being involved in clinical trials, provides information on trials that are currently recruiting Investigator sites and serves as a link to make clinical trials more accessible to Doctors. When clinical trials are recruiting for Investigator sites, the Lung Foundation will notify Investigators for their expression of interest. The Sponsors and Contract Research Organisation (CRO) will be notified of all interested Investigators and once a decision has been made and the suitable Investigator site will be notified.

Lung Foundation invites you to register your details, so that we can notify you of any clinical trials that are recruiting for Investigator sites. Membership to the MCTN Community is FREE and with no obligation.You can register by completing the registration form below and return via


Fax: +61 7 3368 3564

Mail: Send via post to:

MCTN Investigator Community
PO Box 1949
Milton QLD 4064

Once you are registered, the Lung Foundation will notify you when an appropriate clinical trial is recruiting for Investigator sites. If you express your interest in participating, we will pass your information onto the Sponsor and/or CRO for their consideration. You will be notified of the outcome.

Initial communications will only be with the Lung Foundation. Your details will never be given out unless you have given direct permission as pertaining to your involvement in a clinical trial.

All information obtained by Lung Foundation Australia is kept confidential, held under tight security and is protected by the Public Health Act 1991.