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COPD Online is an interactive training program aimed at increasing the knowledge, confidence and skills of nurses and other health professionals in the identification, diagnosis and management of patients with COPD.
The training has a series of 18 modules which include:

  • case studies and videos
  • care plans and the Medical Benefits Schedule
  • downloadable assessment tools and patient handouts
  • quizzes to test knowledge

By the end of this training course health professionals will be able to:

  • identify people at risk of COPD
  • educate patients on COPD and evidence-based management
  • support patients and motivate them to engage in self-management practices
  • develop self-management plans with patients
  • work effectively with other members of the multidisciplinary health care team.

Modules provided in this training include:

  • The respiratory system and COPD
  • Identifying people with COPD
  • Spirometry
  • COPD medicines
  • Inhaler device technique
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation and physical activity
  • Related conditions
  • Smoking cessation
  • Long term oxygen therapy
  • Self-management plans\
  • Managing exacerbations

This training has been accredited for continuing professional development points with the Australian College of Nursing and points with Australian Primary Care Nurse Association.

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