Lung Foundation Australia plays an important role in advocating for greater effort and resources into promoting lung health and advocating for those affected by lung disease.

The community is well aware of the messages to protect their heart health, their skin health and their breast health.  Greater effort must go into communicating the important message about protecting lung health.

The Lung Foundation also advocates for better access to evidence-based programs for those with lung disease.


The Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) multidisciplinary meeting Position Statement

A position statement from the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand and the Lung Foundation Australia*

Lung Foundation Australia and The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) have endorsed the position statement on the use of multidisciplinary meetings to improve diagnostic accuracy in interstitial lung disease (ILD).

The position paper reviews the evidence for the use of the multidisciplinary meeting (MDM) in ILD and suggest an approach to its governance and constitution, in an attempt to provide a standard methodology that could be applied across Australia and New Zealand.

Read more at:


Improving outcomes for Australians living with lung cancer – A Call To Action

Lung cancer kills more Australians every year than any other cancer – in 2016 it’s estimated that the equivalent of 25lfa-improving-outcomes-report-cover-200px people each day will die from lung cancer.

We must act now. Lung Foundation Australia has identified four areas where some of the most significant obstacles facing a person with lung cancer must be addressed:

  • Reduce the stigma of lung cancer.
  • Prioritise early detection efforts where cure is most likely to be achieved, including identifying and implementing an effective national screening strategy.
  • Improve access to best practice care for people with lung cancer whoever they are and wherever they live.
  • Increase research funding targeted to lung cancer to improve health outcomes.


Click here to support our petition to make lung cancer a priority in Australia. You can input your name and a comment if you wish.
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Lung Foundation Australia calls on funders, policy makers, clinicians, other stakeholders and the wider community to help us improve outcomes for those who are currently battling lung cancer and for those who will be diagnosed with lung cancer in years to come.


LFA improved outcomes Flyer A4 0816-web (257 KB) Lung Foundation Australia - Improving outcomes for Australians with lung cancer - A call to action (2 MB)

On 12th October, Lung Foundation Australia will be hosting a Parliamentary Friends event where support raised for our campaign will be presented to the Government.

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Have supportedImproving outcomes for Australians living with lung cancer.


I have stage 4 lung cancer and I never smoked and lived a healthy lifestyle. I am 45 years old.


I support lung cancer foundation's philosophy.


Those diagnosed with lung cancer are being disadvantaged because of the stigma associated with lung cancer. Over half of those diagnosed with lung cancer are either never smokers or ex-smokers. The perceived link with smoking affects support for those with lung cancer. While lifestyle choices also put you at risk of other cancers and chronic disease, ie heart disease, there is not the same level of community blame.


I have Adenocarcinoma Of the Lung everyone that I talk to say to me were you a smoker I say yes but I was also a Fire Fighter for 10 years so it could have started there, I think people just need to have a better education of lung cancer.


It makes me furious when people are judgemental about any disease, but especially lung cancer. People with heart disease or high blood pressure don't get asked "So, just how fat were you? Just how many doughnuts did you eat every day?" People with AIDS don't get asked "So, just how much of a slut were you? Just how many people did you sleep with?" Diseases are diseases, not moral punishments.


For my sister in law


for my mum Sandy xxx


Please Don't Ask..."Do You Smoke" Does it really matter?.... 5 years free after left pneumonectomy ....


Lung cancer has the highest number of cancer deaths but is the least researched. 17% survival rate & I believe the number of cases increasing yearly. You don't have to be a smoker to get it. Many people are ex smokers from when smoking was common & the danger not well know . Also many people are non smokers but still get the disease.


Lets make this #1 priority


I am a 45yr old mother of three diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year. I am so disappointed at the lack of research and understanding of this disease. I am also burdened with the stigma that lung cancer has, that this is somehow my fault despite the fact that I have never smoked. I call on the government to change this perception in the community and to raise awareness of a disease that can strike ANYONE so that the community becomes more aware and so that much needed funding dollars are put towards lung cancer research. Otherwise mothers, sisters, wives, children and men will continue to die from this killer.


Lung Cancer needs more funding urgently.


My father-in-law died from lung cancer and the event was devastating to everyone. Not a day goes by that we don't feel his loss. Anytime his diagnosis was discussed peoples' first question was "did he smoke" ; almost like a justification. Sadly regardless if he was a smoker or not, we have lost an amazing gentleman and grandfather


Lung cancer unfortunately is a highly stigmatised cancer due to its strong causative link to smoking. However, this is not the whole story and many people who are diagnosed have never been smokers yet face the associated discrimination. We need far more research to combat this malignancy, but also bring about much greater awareness of non-smoking related lung cancer.


My young husband died of cancer 10 weeks ago. He had never smoked. By the time he was diagnosed he had stage IV cancer, with no symptoms at all, just a small lump on his abdomen. Please, please listen to this call to action. Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and yet does not receive an equitable level of funding. Let's raise the profile of this awful disease in the hope of a cure or at the very least adequate screening to enhance outcomes. When I say it is an awful cancer, I mean it. I am still traumatised by the experience of watching my beautiful husband endure dreadful, unremitting, and in the end untreatable pain. This pain is characteristic of this disease.


Outcomes for patients with lung cancer remain very modest and inferior to the other common cancers including breast, prostate and colon cancer. There needs to be improvements in earlier recognition of lung cancer, improved access to treatment in centres which practise multidisciplnary care and earlier and more streamlined access to new treatments


I've watched my beautiful sister go through 3 surgeries, chemo, radiation, depression, anxiety, unable to continue to work, all caused by lung cancer. She hasn't smoked a day in her life. Why isn't lung cancer research given the same priority as other cancers? I've had breast cancer myself, aren't I lucky that research in this area is so high profile. But I'm no more special than my sister. Cancer is cancer, doesn't matter what kind you have. Please give lung cancer research the same importance as other cancers. My sister deserves that.


My mum died from lung cancer. She was a never smoker. Her cancer was driven by alk gene mutation. People spread rumours that she was a smoker or her husband was like she somehow deserved it. Having lungs was her only risk factor. Stop the stigma. No one deserves cancer


It is outrageous negligence that adequate funding has not been forthcoming from Australian Governments for lung cancer research.


I'm a consultant physician who specialises in diagnosing and staging lung cancer and see over 150 patients per year with this disease


In Memory of My Dad xx


Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. Funding is needed to raise awareness of risks and discourage and prevent high risk activity. But funding is also very important for research, to continue to find causes of lung cancer and improve access to treatments for the patients who have no risk factors for this disease.


You're doing a wonderful job for an incredibly important issue


In the Memory of my beautiful mother who lived her life as healthy as possible.


Having lost my Mum to lung cancer I now appreciate many of the signs of cancer were there, the cough, a sore shoulder, and breathlessness. An early detection protocol is vital.


It's time to make a difference for people with lung cancer


There needs to be more invested in research of lung cancer and treatments.


Area urgently needs additional resources for treatment and research.


I completely support


If only the government would put just 5% of all the taxes they obtain from cigarette manufacturers, I am sure that would be more than is currently given to Lung Cancer research.


we all need to be able to breath, thank you for all that you do for people with lung cancer


I wish people would show more compassion. No-one "deserves" lung cancer, regardless of whether they are a smoker, a non-smoker, or an ex-smoker. Just like no-one "deserves" AIDS, just because they had sex.


Let's do something about Australia's biggest cancer killer!


My Dad passed away from lung cancer in November after being diagnosed 2 months prior and not enough was done. We need to learn more about it and how to treat it to give everyone a better chance at survival.


My cousin Sandy Sampson had a lung removed 5 years ago


This is not just a condition of those who smoked but of those who have never smoked. ...have Lived a healthy life of exercise and healthy eating research needs to be done into what is the possible cause and to find a cure


Any improvement for cancer patients is a good improvement


I have lost 3 members of my family prematurely from Lung Cancer.


I strongly support your advocacy thrust, and so does Cancer Voices!


As a respiratory physician, treating patients with lung cancer has been a focus of my practice for the last 20 years and will likely remain so for the rest of my career. The need in the community is great and as a physician and as a researcher I constantly reflect on how we can do better to meet that need.


Please fund important research into this serious disease


Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in Australia, however, the support of lung cancer research is insufficient. Australia has had the best medical research teams from decades ago. However, lack of research funding has significantly limited the research capability of Australian scientists to innovate help patients to fight with lung cancer. When immunotherapy and epigenetics gene therapy saves thousands of lung cancer patients, to help Australian scientists discover better solutions to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients. We need more funds.

c hristine

we need to do as much as possible to save lives of cancer sufferers.


I support Lung Foundation Australia’s lung cancer advocacy campaign to: 1. Reduce the stigma of lung cancer. 2. Prioritise early detection efforts where cure is most likely to be achieved, including identifying and implementing an effective national screening strategy. 3. Improve access to best practice care for people with lung cancer whoever they are and wherever they live. 4. Increase research funding targeted to lung cancer to improve health outcomes.


Please support research into lung cancer.


although all the Australian data indicate poor cancer survival in the regional and remote areas, The Government has not taken the initiative to increase the diagnostic and treatment facilities in the Regional Centres. If we desperately want to improve cancer survival, lets now pay attention to Regional and Rural areas and see what these patients need.


Let's put an end to the disparity of funding for lung cancer research. Greater funding for lung cancer research will give enormous hope to lung cancer patients both present and future and ultimately lead to improved quality of life.


Its time to prioritise lung cancer research if we are to have hope for improving outcomes


Is this because long cancer is generally related to smokers?


Thanks to Lung Foundation Australia for the chance to help and support this important initiative. Only due to such efforts can we come together to improve lung cancer outcomes through tobacco control, disease prevention and ensuring access to safe and effective high value affordable care. Quality research will give rise to new, better tests and treatments to help us achieve this. Research brings us all hope that lives will be saved and lung cancer will lose it's role as the biggest cause of cancer deaths.


This is a very timely and important initiative


i have copd


I lost my husband to this insidious disease on Nov 22, he was diagnosed on 23 September. We simply didn't have enough time to do all the things we had planned. There needs to be a higher profile and more funding for a disease that kills so many.


I am a lung cancer survivor 5yrs for me


I want to live in an Australia where we treat all people equitably and, rather than blaming patients for their cancer, we focus on caring for them. Lung cancer patients are unfairly singled out and blamed for smoking - which is still completely legal in Australia. Even those who have never smoked feel the social stigma and often face the questions about their smoking history instead of compassion about their health. Smoking is a factor in many diseases and it is unfair to single out lung cancer patients. Many lung cancers diagnosed today are in people who have done the right thing and given up smoking or who have never smoked. No one deserves lung cancer and everyone deserves treatment. We must all work together to ensure that no Australian with lung cancer is disadvantaged by stigma and every person with suspected or diagnosed lung cancer is able to access effective care, which is best delivered by a multidisciplinary team of specialist clinicians.


Would like to request for more govt funding allocated to lung cancer


This terrible disease needs more Government funding and support. As the number one cancer killer the justification is compelling.


I totally agree with early detection & removing the stigma associated with lung disease as significant steps in improving outcomes for those diagnosed with all forms of lung disease. My wife is a non smoker who lost a lung to lung disease & I see the daily ongoing cost of the illness both physically, emotionally & financially.


horrible disease


ALL cancers are horrific, it's time to stop treating lung cancer patients like theirs is different & not as important. I'm a breast cancer survivor, how "lucky" for me it wasn't lung as I probably wouldn't be here to sign this petition.


It's time people are aware that lung cancer is our biggest cancer killer, and that funding for research, screening and treatment matches its importance. For my dad.


Australia need to act to: - Reduce the stigma of lung cancer. - Prioritise early detection efforts where cure is most likely to be achieved, including identifying and implementing an effective national screening strategy. - Improve access to best practice care for people with lung cancer whoever they are and wherever they live. - Increase research funding targeted to lung cancer to improve health outcomes. We need money to achieve these outcomes now, to assist the many Australians affected by lung cancer


Let's change the face of lung cancer and start helping patients.


Let's improve outcomes for people with lung cancer.


A colleague has recently been diagnosed, and she looked so healthy- and this is coming from a nurse! I did not know that there are increasing rates of lung cancer in non-smoking women etc. I support the application for extra screening to help prevent and early detect lung cancer to improve patient outcomes.


More needs to be done for this major killer.

David & Kate

We strongly support Heather's press release and particularly the very powerful "lung cancer doesn't discriminate and neither should we" Well said.


Any cancer is horrible. But Australia's biggest cancer killer needs to be treated as such. Let's band together and help better research provide better lives for all LC families.


Lets beat this


Im a lung cancer survivor. If you have lungs you can get cancer.


My Mum is stage 4 terminal and has been knocked back on trial drug because of the huge cost. We will loose her this year and it breaks my heart, how can drugs be so expensive that a person can die without being able to obtain them?


We need to do better for those diagnosed with lung cancer. i hope removing the guilt, blame and ensuring everyone is treated by a centre that offers a dedicated lung service will improve outcomes. Due to his late diagnosis my dad died 28 days after his lung cancer diagnosis - dedicated RESEARCH FUNDING will help find early diagnosis processes, better treatments, palliative care options and hopefully one day a cure.


My friend was diagnosed this year and just completed chemo and an operation! With a smile xxx. I support her. And all others that she supports. Understanding always improves solutions- I support solutions!


Have now lost 2 siblings to lung cancer and another to asbestos


More funding is required to improve outcomes for lung cancer sufferers


I support improving outcomes for Australians living with lung cancer! Our Mum passed away from this terrible disease and our dear Uncle known as Pa only a few weeks ago. More education / research / support is very much needed.


Help us change the face of lung cancer!


we need to have more funding to help research


15% survival rate. Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths. It is also one of the least researched & funded. 4


I agree in supporting all efforts in fighting this terrible disease.


Greater awareness warranted


Please support this most worthwhile cause


This disease needs more research, more money and more empathy for its victims!


My Daughter died of Lung Cancer on the 1st September 2016.She had never had a cigarette in her life and it was a struggle for 2 years and heartbreaking for her children and family.I feel it is most important to Improve the outcomes for all Australian .


My cousin Sandy Sampson had a lung removed 5 years ago


Needs to be number #1 priority.


a specialised lung cancer nurse for every lung cancer patient is a must - just like in breast cancer


As a 14 year survivor of non small cell lung caner living with only one lung, i feel anything that can improve the survival rate of lung cancer sufferers should be tried


My cousin Sandy Sampson had a lung removed 5 years ago


After finding out Lung Cancer is the biggest cancer killer in Australia, only receives 5% of research funding, and smoking is not the only cause!


Please provide evidence based screening, detection, diagnosis, treatment and best supportive care to all persons at risk of or with a diagnosis of lung cancer. Please fund research into the treatment of lung cancer with equal allocation to that of breast cancer.


Help overcome lung cancer stigma. People , anyone with lungs can get lung cancer !!


About to start my second battle with Lung Cancer.........


Support Lung Cancer - it's not necessarily caused by smoking!


We Need This Disease under Control and we need to get our people that have trials and given med's x


I lost my best friend last month to this dreadful disease. Perhaps she'd be here if there was screening.


There needs to be more done to combat lung cancer!


I support increased early detection as a way to get better outcomes


Lung Cancer kills so many people who do not deserve to die, and why are more young female non smokers being diagnosed with stage 4,


I am a lung cancer survivor nearly 5 yrs lets make this a number 1 priority xx


My son is 22 battling cancer from a carcinoid tumor in his airway It just goes to show it doesn't matter what age you are lung cancer can happen to anyone. More funding will help this horrible disease please help!!!!


My cousin Sandy Sampson had a lung removed 5 years ago


I fully support the idea


Please commit more federal government budget to lung cancer research!


If you have lungs you can get lung cancer. It's time all Australians understand all the risk factors for disease and remove stigma associated with lung cancer. More funding is urgently required to help all the Australians who are living with or at risk of lung cancer.


I see so many people pass from Lung Cancer....It's about time this Stopped !!! We All need to be Aware .... If you have can get Lung Cancer !!!


Research = lives saved. That is a certainty in these times of great scientific advances. But lung cancer patients miss out. Why. Because up till now the Australian Government has decided, for unknown reasons, that lung cancer does not deserve fair and equitable research funding. Lung cancer causes 20% of all cancer deaths but gets only 5% of the research funds. Lung cancer still has an overall 5 year survival rate of a shocking 15% because of that ongoing lack of funding. Other cancers which now have very high 5 year survival rates (90% plus) continue to receive a top priority and to receive disproportionately high levels of research funding. It is not logical, and it is discriminatory. I call on the Australian Government to re-prioritise the allocation of research funds to focus on our biggest cancer killer. It's time to get serious about helping the many thousands of people who have lung cancer now, as well as the many hundreds of thousands of people who will get it in the future. We need fairer funding, and we need it NOW! Please don't forget that many lung cancer patients never smoked, ever. And many gave up smoking many years or even decades ago. We deserve to be heard. We deserve far better treatment by the Government than we get now. We deserve a fair go. We deserve the chance to live!


Definitely time for greater funding and resources to be placed in research and support for those with lung cancer


My cousin Sandy Sampson had a lung removed 5 years ago


After having my Mum pass away from lung cancer when I was just 9, I will do anything I can to help figjt this extremely important issue!


The survival statistics tell it all


I was one of the lucky ones,my Lung cancer was operable.




Let's help support those living with lung cancer without judgement or assumptions.


Let's put more money into research for causes of lung cancer other than smoking. Let's campaign to change the stigma that is lung cancer!! Not all lung cancers are caused by smoking

Soo Fong

I was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma last June. I visited my GP because I was having a few dizzy spells and I mentioned that I had coughed up a teeny bit of blood when I had a cold during Easter. He then sent me off to have a CT scan and that was when I found out I had a collapsed lung and the cancer had already spread. I hope that early detection be made a priority so that more patients can be cured of this deadly disease. I am very thankful for the research that has and is still being carried out for lung cancer treatment. Please carry on with the good work!!! Thank you very, very much.


please fund research and care for people and families dealing with lung cancer


We have a responsibility to all Australians to improve outcomes in lung cancer. The inequality in care & research funding is absolutely shameful.


Lung Foundation are doing great work & need all the support they can get.


I am an oncology nurse with over 30 years experience, and I can attest to the stigma and unfair judgement that lung cancer patients experience form members of the community, and unfortunately in some cases from health professionals. A very different story from how women with a breast cancer diagnosis are treated.


we need to have more funding to help research


Lung cancer remains the biggest cause of cancer death in Australia. We have had minimal increase in 5 year survival rates over the last 30 years. Finding the disease at an early stage when it is easier and cheaper to treat is key.


I support the Australian Lung Foundation's petition


Lung cancer is so underfunded and unspoken, we need to get it out of the shadows to help people impacted by this horrible disease! I have just lost my Dad to lung cancer and it was only 2 months from the day he was diagnosed the the day he passed away. On the day of his diagnosis the only symptom was an issue with his hand which was due to a metastasize in his brain within 5 weeks they had grown from 8mm to 30mm and he started to get sick due to the swelling in his brain. It was all very sudden and shocked the doctors and I'm trying to come to terms with it all as its only been just less than 2 weeks but would hate for other families to have to experience what my family are dealing with.


Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in both men and women, and one third of women who develop lung cancer have never smoked, yet lung cancer receives little attention and little funding for research. This situation is unwarranted and inequitable.


I support the petition


Something needs to be done to support the research and cure of lung cancer. My father is suffering greatly at the moment which breaks my heart.


Full support for this important Australian Lung Foundation initiative.


It is quite shocking to see how prominent a disease lung cancer is. More information is needed to highlight this disease to improve outcomes and increase funding and research.


The stigma associated with this terrible disease needs to dissappear. My wife was diagnosed early this year with lung cancer yet she has never smoked, despite this each person asked the same question. The idea that only smoking causes lung cancer is preventing much needed funds and research to help prevent and overcome these life changing diagnoses.4


Increased commintent to research in lung cacer Is required to improve outcomes in lung cancer


In support of my Freind Adriana


More needs to be done to find answers about why so many Australians are diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer every year.


We need to improve the lives of those living with lung cancer. We need to find a cure.


Much more attention and funds MUST be directed to the research and treatment of Lung Cancer


My dad was recently diagnosed with emphysema. Although he quit smoking over 30 years ago, the damage is done, and he must now adjust his lifestyle accordingly. He tells me now that if he had known more about the potential health risks, he would never have been a smoker. It's sadly too late for him to reverse his lung damage, but it's never too late to educate people so that they may avoid the same fate. Education is the most powerful tool for change, and that is why I support this Call To Action.


Support our application to MSAC for Pulmonary Rehabilitation on Medicare

Lung Foundation Australia has asked the Australian Government for Medicare subsidies for:

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation programs
  • Follow-up pulmonary maintenance exercise programs (such as Lungs in Action)

If our application is successful, patients who have COPD and other chronic lung diseases will have greater access to these vital programs.

Click here for more information.

Click the link below to read Lung Foundation Australia’s Position Statements:

Lung Foundation Australia E-Cigarettes Position Statement 18 June 2014 (185 KB) Lung Foundation Australia - Position Statement for Supportive and Palliative care (630 KB) CICADA: Cough in Children and Adults: Diagnosis and Assessment. Australian Cough Guidelines - Position Statement (473 KB) 2014 - Lung Foundation Australia - Salt Therapy (116 KB)


Click the link below to read public submissions:

2016 - Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Health Regarding the Re-emergence of Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis (CWP) (485 KB) 2015 - Submission - Parliamentary Inquiry – Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Primary Health Care (2 MB) 2015 - Pre-Budget Submission - Improving Access to Pulmonary Rehabiliatation through MBS Rebate (400 KB) 2015 - Submission - National Clean Air Agreement (463 KB) 2014 - Budget Submission: Two-year pilot program for Lung Cancer Nurses (936 KB) 2008 - Economic Impact of COPD and cost effective solutions. (1 MB) 2007 - Case Statement on Respiratory Infectious Disease Burden (3 MB)