Dedicated Respiratory Research Fund and education and support for Australians

Now, more than ever, Australians appreciate that our respiratory health determines how we live and work. 

A respiratory disease (COVID-19) has, in a blink of the eye, destroyed livelihoods, killed Australians, crippled the national and global economy, and radically altered our way of life.  Lung Foundation Australia is calling on the Federal Government to establish a dedicated respiratory research fund to secure the lung health of Australians through investment in world leading research to understand, treat and prevent lung diseases.

Protecting the Australian way of life will also require ongoing nation-wide lung health education and support to inform and empower Australians to maintain good lung health and prevent adverse health outcomes for individuals and communities. We are working with our advocates to ensure there is nationally consistent, clear, best-practice education and support available to all Australians.

We will post our submission to the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 and our 2020/2021 budget submission here soon.