March 1, 2014

Aussies urged to check in with their lungs with new website and advertising campaign

Australians are being urged to ‘check in’ with their lungs as a part of a new national awareness campaign.

Lung Foundation Australia is kicking off a three month ‘Check in with Your Lungs’ campaign on Sunday (2nd March) with television commercials, outdoor advertising and a new website.

Lung Foundation Australia’s Director, Marketing and Health Strategy, Heather Allan, said the campaign encourages people to take an interactive online Lung Health Checklist and prompts them to think about their lung health before issues arise.

“This is the first step towards making sure Australians recognise the importance being in tune with their lungs,” Mrs Allan said.

“We are all conditioned to think about our breast or heart health,” she said.

“It’s time now to think about lung health.

“At least one in ten Australians1 has some form of lung disease however Lung Foundation Australia estimates the number to be significantly higher.

“By urging Australians to ‘check in’ with their lungs we are taking a light hearted approach to a serious issue – that is the importance of lung health and the need to recognise symptoms of lung disease and the need to act promptly.

“Lung disease doesn’t discriminate – it affects men and women, young and old, smokers, ex-smokers and people who have never smoked.

“Most Australians believe they have no lung health issues and very few actually give their lung health much thought.”

Recent research by Lung Foundation Australia found more than 50 per cent of all Australian adults rarely or never think about the health of their lungs2.”

Mrs Allan said this was generally true across all age groups, with 46% of the 65 or older age group also rarely or never thinking about their lung health2.

“Yet three out of five Australian adults studied reported symptoms or risk factors that put them at risk of possible lung disease,” Mrs Allan said2.

“Lung Foundation Australia encourages everyone to take a couple of minutes to do the online lung health checklist at

“As part of the need to grow community awareness, we will be putting a call out for people to become ‘lung health’ ambassadors in their local communities, to help spread the news about lung health and its importance for us all.”


Campaign material

The Lung Health Checklist can be found at:

Copies of televisions commercial can be viewed online at:

15 second version:

30 second version:

You can also down brochures and posters from by clicking here



1)       Australian Health Survey: First Results, 2011–12

2)       Galaxy Research Omnibus, January 2014 (wave 1)


The Lung Foundation Australia – National  Lung Health Community Awareness and Promotion Campaign is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Chronic Disease Prevention Service Improvement Fund