October 20, 2016

Australian Bronchiectasis Registry enrolments increasing rapidly

The Australian Bronchiectasis Registry (ABR) has now enrolled over 250 adults and younger persons since registration started in early 2016. Patients with bronchiectasis from 13 centres across Australia are now participating in this first of its kind national research study to contribute to a better understanding of (non-cystic fibrosis) bronchiectasis. This allows them to play an active role in their own healthcare and to gain a greater understanding of their condition to try to improve health for themselves whilst also providing benefits for others diagnosed with the disease in the future.

Patients seen at the participating healthcare centres are screened and invited to participate by the Principal Investigator and his or her colleagues. In time, an even greater number of recruitment centres from metropolitan, regional and remote areas will be included in the registry which will enable researchers to greatly increase the extent to which the research findings can be applied to our diverse population and across vastly different settings throughout Australia.

You can view a list of the current participating centres and the corresponding Principal Investigators at http://lungfoundation.com.au/health-professionals/bronchiectasis-registry, or for further information, email the ABR Project Manager at abr@lungfoundation.com.au or call 0478 947 428.