May 1, 2015

Australian COPD Patient Advocate Group Report (CPAG)

Ross Lloyd, Chair

CPAG met on 16 February with full representation from all states and territories. The Group is growing
and guest presenters are providing additional insight to patient advocacy issues. Three of the major issues discussed were:

Advanced Care Planning

Metro South Brisbane Hospital Service Clinical Nurse Lesley McLeod spoke about an Advanced Care Planning
Kit developed as a part of an Advanced Care Planning Project. Using a model previously utilised by the Victorian Respecting Patient Choices program and it was amended to suit Queensland requirements.

CPAG members suggested Lesley engage personally with local community groups, local LungNet Support Groups and pulmonary rehabilitation programs to promote the use of this new Advanced Care Planning Kit.


The superannuation conversation concerning rejection of disability claims also raised an issue that had been discussed previously within CPAG – classifications of disability. The CPAG members had previously identified stumbling blocks when looking at disability classifications:

  • Varies from state-to-state
  • Decision-tree process for determining disability is not made available
  • Sensitivity for some patients to be classified as disabled
  • Issue for patients with COPD who have periods of being reasonably well and then can have periods of debilitation

Drivers Licence Medical Assessments

As each state is different, the recommendation is for individuals to contact their respective state authorities.
If it were to be listed on the Lung Foundation Australia website content may change regularly, and the webpage may become out of date quickly. These topics will be followed up at subsequent meetings which occur bi-monthly.