November 27, 2014

Australian Lung Cancer Conference – day in review

Last month, Lung Foundation Australia hosted the 5th Australian Lung Cancer Conference in Brisbane with seven international keynote speakers and over 450 delegates, representing a multidisciplinary clinical audience.

The ALCC 2014 program was an exciting combination of science, technology, research and supportive care. The program featured concurrent oral and poster sessions, breakfast-lunch industry sponsored symposiums, Australasian Lung cancer Trials Group (ALTG) members meeting, ANZ-Lung Cancer Nurse – Lung Cancer Workshop and a two hour consumer forum hosted by the Lung Foundation’s newly rebranded Lung Cancer Network Australia.

A daily ALCC “Day in Review” is now available via the Conference website and summarises the proceedings of each day and is a way to disseminate information from the meeting to Australian healthcare professionals with an interest in lung cancer who have not been able to attend the meeting.

For an overview of presentations please see the “Day in Review” publications here.