August 11, 2014

Better Living with Your Lung Disease

Do you feel isolated living in a regional area?

Lung Foundation Australia has developed the Better Living with Your Lung Disease project, specifically for people living in regional areas, who often do not have the same access to health services and information. Better Living with Your Lung Disease consists of a 10 part educational DVD and a series of 10 Regional Patient Seminars. The DVD aims to assist people in developing the skills to better manage their lung condition and its symptoms in the comfort of their own home. It also includes practical coping strategies to help patients manage symptoms such as breathlessness and fatigue. Other benefits which people living with a lung disease can obtain from the DVDs are:

  • Learning about the benefits of physical activity and Support Groups
  • How to improve communication strategies
  • Learning practical tips to manage overall health
  • Learning how to become an active member of their healthcare team

“The DVDs are educational for anyone with COPD or lung related problems. I know they have helped me understand my COPD a lot better”, Tom.

To order your FREE copy of the DVD, please call 1800 654 301 today or email

Regional patient seminars

So far this year, Lung Foundation Australia has visited Darwin, Townsville, Toowoomba, Bendigo, Mount Gambier, and Lismore with record numbers attending the regional seminars and a range of fantastic local speakers presenting their expert knowledge on a range of self-management focused topics. Presentations have included medications and how to use your inhaler delivery devices correctly; managing sleep apnoea; and using behaviour change methods to increase physical activity.

The regional seminars are also a great opportunity to learn more about local services in your area. The remaining regional seminars for 2014 are in Bundaberg (Qld), Campbell Town (Tas), Mandurah (WA) and Port Macquarie (NSW) and invitations to these events are enclosed with your newsletter. Please call 1800 654 301 to book your place.

Do you feel you need more help from people who know what you are going through?

Joining Lung Foundation Australia’s network of Patient Support Groups is an excellent way to meet people in a similar situation as you and to learn about your lung disease. The information and support provided by the Groups includes guest speaker presentations and member-to-member communication via regular meetings, telephone calls, hospital and home visits and social outings. Please contact the Lung Foundation to find out if there is a Patient Support Group near you.

As part of the Better Living with Your Lung Disease project, the Lung Foundation has recently developed a Facilitator’s Guide to support Patient Support Group Leaders and their members. The Guide discusses how Better Living with Your Lung Disease can be incorporated as an educational component of Group meetings and has been sent free of charge to all Patient Support Groups registered with the Lung Foundation.