February 23, 2015

Better Living with Your Lung Disease

Melissa Ram, Project Manager – Chronic Lung Disease Support, Lung Foundation Australia

LFA Ten Part DVD imageThe Better Living with Your Lung Disease DVD is a 10 part series to assist you in gaining the skills and knowledge to manage your disease and its symptoms with confidence. Listed below are the topics covered:

  • Managing Your Lung Disease
  • How Do Your Lungs Work?
  • Managing Your Breathlessness
  • Managing Treatment Options
  • Questions You Can Ask Your
    Health Professional
  • Who is Your Healthcare Team?
  • Managing Your Fatigue and Energy Conservation
  • Benefits of Physical Activity Programs and Ongoing Support
  • Supportive Care and End-of-Life Issues

To order your copy of Better Living with Your Lung Disease phone free call 1800 654 301.

Have You Done the Quality of Life Checklist?

Taking the checklist will help to identify whether you might benefit from some extra help in managing your lung disease, especially if everyday tasks are becoming difficult and you’re finding it harder to maintain some of your usual activities. It is important to think about your energy, mood and diet and how you will manage everyday activities including the symptoms of your lung disease. Visit www.lungfoundation.com.au/patient-area/quality-of-life-checklist to complete the checklist.