August 25, 2015

Changes to medications lead COPD-X guideline update

COPD-X Update and New Look

New medicines and changes to oral corticosteroid and antibiotic prescription.

The COPD-X Plan: Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for the Management of COPD V2.42 reflects the published evidence in COPD up until May 2015.  This full version of the COPD-X Guidelines can be reviewed online or users can register to download a PDF version.

The COPD-X Concise Guide for Primary Care V3.02 has also been updated. This fully searchable PDF document assists GPs, nurses and the general practice team in the management of patients with COPD.  Recommendations are easily identified by accent boxes and the recommendations are graded according to the strength and the quality of the evidence.  Additional practice tips are included and designed to aid clinical care.  The recent updates to this pdf included some changes to oral corticosteroid prescription and changes to the antibiotic prescription to align with the Therapeutic Guidelines.

Check out the new COPD-X Guidelines webpage which has been designed for easier navigation and use and now includes the GP tools for ease of use –


 GP ALM @ GP15 Melbourne – Sign Up!

In partnership with RACGP, Lung Foundation Australia is proud to present our COPD ALM at GP15 in Melbourne on Tuesday 22 September.

The ALM aims to increase the knowledge, confidence and skills of general practitioners in the diagnosis and management of COPD.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss the aetiology, pathophysiology and epidemiology of COPD
  • Identify patients at risk and confirm a diagnosis of COPD
  • Optimise function using non-pharmacotherapy and pharmacotherapy interventions for the management of COPD
  • Develop a comprehensive management plan of care, including a COPD Action Plan for managing exacerbations
  • Use evidence based resources to assess and manage patients with COPD
  • Describe practice based systems to support the patient with COPD

This ALM consists of:

  • A pre-disposing activity
  • 6 hours face-to-face workshop
  • A reinforcing activity.

Sign up today, learn the latest in COPD diagnosis and management.


World COPD Day is 18 November – Sign up to participate soon!

World COPD Day (Wednesday 18 November) is fast approaching so it’s time to start thinking about what activity you would like to host as online event registrations opens on

Last year, there were more than 240 events held across Australia aimed at raising awareness of the prevalence and impact of COPD.

These activities included information displays, risk assessment and screening activities, walking events and even a treadmill challenge with hundreds of kilometres being clocked up. Events took place in GP practices, pharmacies, hospital foyers, exercise clinics and gyms, as well as outdoor events.

One great example was the Advantage Pharmacy Bairnsdale team who conducted COPD screening. In the lead up to their event, they accessed several Lung Foundation Australia resources and training options including promotional resources, a PiKo-6 (COPD screening device) and online training for staff.

Pharmacy staff discussed lung health with customers and encouraged those at risk to undertake a screening test. Regular customers were also sent a text message to encourage them to visit the pharmacy, increasing awareness of the event.

Advantage Pharmacy Professionals Services Manager, Amy Crow said the results from the World COPD Day event truly blew them away (no pun intended!).

“We had patients who travelled up to 150km to attend the clinic and feedback from all patients was extremely positive,” Ms Crow said.

“The local lung support group got involved, and the day brought a fantastic vibe to the pharmacy. All members of staff were proud and excited to be involved in something so unique.

We identified four patients who were at risk of COPD and referred them to their GP. We picked up several new patients and gained better rapport with many of the local health practitioners,” Amy said.

The Guildcare COPD screening module was used to record the results and, for those patients who were on an inhaler, their technique was checked and disease state management advice provided.

Since the success of this event, the Advantage Pharmacy Group has supported all its pharmacies with the equipment and training to offer the service in their local communities. The pharmacies are now connecting with other health professionals and community groups to tell them about their COPD risk assessment and screening service.

Register your World COPD Day event from 1 September onwards at and get your free promo pack.


New Patient Program:   C.O.P.E. – COPD.Online.Patient.Education.

C.O.P.E.  – COPD. Online. Patient. Education is a new, free web-based resource for patients (and their carers) that enables patients to complete the educational component of pulmonary rehabilitation from the comfort of their own home.

Pulmonary rehabilitation programs generally consist of 6-8 weeks of exercise and education. These sessions are evidence-based and designed especially for people with chronic lung conditions to better manage their symptoms and stay well and out of hospital. As these programs are usually delivered at a hospital or community health centre, access to pulmonary rehabilitation is limited with fewer than 10% of patients undertaking this life-changing program.

C.O.P.E.  is an easy to use, interactive and informative program which can be used to complement a pulmonary rehabilitation program, home exercise program or simply as a reference point for information on living with a lung disease.

During development of C.O.P.E., Lung Foundation Australia sought input from a diverse range of potential users resulting in a user-friendly program that enables patients to download and print resources, watch videos and be linked to further information on topics that may be of specific interest.

We welcome your feedback to help us identify whether you found the resource useful for your patients or ideas on how to make it better. Please provide this important to

To access C.O.P.E visit

C.O.P.E was developed in partnership with the BUPA Health Foundation and in consultation with expert clinicians and patients, carers and consumers. The content within this interactive web-based platform was based on “Better Living with COPD – A Patient’s Guide”, the “Better Living with Your Lung Disease” self-management series and other educational resources.