October 8, 2015

Christmas is a Time for Family and Hope

Lung Foundation Australia works all year round to develop and deliver our vital services for both our patient and healthcare communities. Queensland Fire and Emergency Service Auxiliary fire fighter and father of seven, Brett Torcetti knows just how essential these services are after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

“I had a chest infection, or so I thought. My GP gave me some antibiotics and said if my chest didn’t clear in two weeks he would send me for a scan,” Brett said.

“When the specialist told me I had lung cancer, I said ‘Ok, what do we do about it?’ My wife and kids were upset and struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis, thinking I was going to die. But I was determined not to sit around moping about feeling sick. We wanted to understand the situation I was in and what had to happen to fix it.

“It’s important to be informed, but beware of all the misinformation on the net. Check in with a reliable source like Lung Foundation Australia. They have lots of resources and information available and their Information and Support Centre were always willing to chat when we needed them.”

Brett had a lobectomy and during the following months, with his family by his side, he fought the battle of his life.

“Life doesn’t stop because you have lung cancer. For me, having a positive attitude really made a big difference as it prompted me to fight.

“Christmas is a time for being with loved ones and being thankful for what we have. A gift to Lung Foundation Australia’s Christmas Appeal is a gift of hope to a family that needs it.”