September 15, 2014

Community exercise program gets patients’ Lungs in Action

LIALungs in Action has more than 60 locations running in seven out of eight Australian states and territories? Offering more than 90 weekly classes!

Lung Foundation Australia continues to collaborate with Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs and local community exercise providers to ensure that people completing Pulmonary and Heart Failure Rehabilitation have a safe and effective ongoing exercise class once their pulmonary rehabilitation program finishes.

Research shows without an ongoing program of supervised exercise, health gains made during rehabilitation tend to decline after 12 months. This decline means a more significant risk of exacerbating chronic conditions and an increased risk of preventable hospitalisations. Lung Foundation Australia’s accredited Lungs in Action program encourages physical activity, increase community connections and helps address the social and physical isolation felt by people with respiratory or pulmonary disease.

If there is currently a shortfall of suitable exercise options  for this clientele in your community, the Lungs in Action program manager looks forward to hearing from you. To find out more, visit or contact Emma Gainer