June 15, 2015

COPD Update

New Patient Program:
C.O.P.E. – COPD.Online.Patient.Education

C.O.P.E.  – COPD. Online. Patient. Education is a new, free web-based resource for patients (and their carers) that enables patients to complete the educational component of pulmonary rehabilitation from the comfort of their own home.

Pulmonary rehabilitation programs generally consist of 6-8 weeks of exercise and education. These sessions are evidence-based and designed especially for people with chronic lung conditions to better manage their symptoms and stay well and out of hospital. As these programs are usually delivered at a hospital or community health centre, access to pulmonary rehabilitation is limited with fewer than 10% of patients undertaking this life-changing program.

C.O.P.E.  is an easy to use, interactive and informative program which can be used to complement a pulmonary rehabilitation program, home exercise program or simply as a reference point for information on living with a lung disease.

During development of C.O.P.E, Lung Foundation Australia sought input from a diverse range of potential users which resulted in a user-friendly program that will enable patients to download and print resources, watch videos and be linked to further information on topics that may be of specific interest.

We welcome your feedback to help us identify whether you found the resource useful for your patients or ideas on how to make it better. Please provide this important to enquiries@lungfoundation.com.au.

To access C.O.P.E, click here. 

C.O.P.E was developed in partnership with the BUPA Health Foundation and in consultation with expert clinicians and patients, carers and consumers. The content within this interactive web-based platform was based on “Better Living with COPD – A Patient’s Guide”, the “Better Living with Your Lung Disease” self-management series and other educational resources.


Final days of EOFYS! Stock up on COPD resources

With the end of financial year fast approaching, it’s a great time to stock up on Lung Foundation Australia’s COPD resources.

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