Dr Philip Dearman – RMIT University

Philip Dearman is a lecturer in the Politics, Economies & Communication Contextual Studies Stream, in the School of Media & Communication at RMIT University. He currently manages the undergraduate Journalism program. As a researcher, Philip documents opportunities for social change afforded by new digital communication devices and systems.

He is currently working on a review of the social impact of the landside connection to privatised/privatising shipping ports (i.e. of changing economic and technical organisation of containerised transport).

He is interested, in particular, in (a) cataloguing the various issues that policy makers and lease holders need to consider (including, for example, the quality and deployment of diesel-powered truck fleets, and their impact on residents), and (b) following the development of opportunities for residents to take part in scientific and political debate and decision making about the impact of transport systems on their health (e.g. through new systems for personal air monitoring).