Prof Richard O. Sinnott – University of Melbourne

Professor Richard O. Sinnott is the Director of eResearch at the University of Melbourne and Chair of Applied Computing Systems. In these roles he is responsible for all aspects of eResearch (research-oriented IT development) at the University.

He has been lead software engineer/architect on an extensive portfolio of national and international projects, with specific focus on those research domains requiring finer-grained access control (security). Prior to coming to Melbourne, Richard was the Technical Director of the UK National e-Science Centre; Director of e-Science at the University of Glasgow; Deputy Director (Technical) for the Bioinformatics Research Centre also at the University of Glasgow, and for a while the Technical Director of the National Centre for e-Social Science.

He has a PhD in Computing Science, an MSc in Software Engineering and a BSc in Theoretical Physics (Hons). He has over 250 peer-reviewed publications across a range of computing and application-specific domains. He teaches High Performance Computing and Cloud Computing at the University of Melbourne.