Lungs in Action heart failure training

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  • Single training: $50 (including GST)

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This is an educational module for those who play a role in providing exercise training for people with heart failure, or who are a part of a broader multidisciplinary team that provide these services.

Learning objectives

  • By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Distinguish the key components of exercise programming for those with heart failure
  • Identifying the safety precautions for exercising a person with heart failure
  • Recognising the limitations for exercising people with heart failure
  • Training content

The Heart Failure Training Modules include:

Part 1

  • Definition of heart failure
  • Basic heart anatomy
  • Symptoms of heart failure
  • Causes of heart failure
  • Classifications of heart failure

Part 2

  • Key steps for management of heart failure
  • Exercise and heart failure
  • Safety conditions
  • Medication effects
  • Case study
  • Program design considerations