November 10, 2014

Farewell to Lung Foundation Friends

Hilary Mulcahy

Lung Foundation Australia’s staff and volunteers are deeply saddened by the passing of Hilary Mulcahy on 15 August. Hilary was a long-standing member of the LungNet News volunteer newsletter team and spent many hours labelling and packaging the newsletter. Hilary’s outgoing personality and ability to chat about any subject made her a popular member of the team and we were always pleased to see her in the office. She would delight in telling stories about the many adventures she experienced on her overseas trips with family and friends. We express our gratitude for her long-standing commitment and will truly miss her.

Cliff Willmett

Tribute submitted by the Wilston Windbags Patient Support Group, Brisbane

On 11 March, the Wilston Windbags lost our great Secretary and most dear friend and foundation member, Cliff Willmett. In his quiet and efficient way, Cliff was a driving force in the development and nurturing of the thriving Support Group that the Wilston Windbags is today. Cliff was resourceful, caring, observant, and a true gentleman.

Cliff was born in South Australia and grew up in Goolwa, 100km south of Adelaide. His career as a Town Planner eventually brought him and his family to Brisbane where he worked for the city council and the Department of Natural Resources.

Professionally, Cliff was known for his calm, methodical and practical nature. He was also a great networker – he always knew someone, or someone who knew someone – and he brought those qualities to the Wilston Windbags. The contacts from a successful career and his community work were creatively used by Cliff in securing sponsorships and organising activities for the Windbags.

Cliff loved holidaying with his wife Lynn and family and particularly he delighted in ocean cruising. Cliff had COPD and battled with his illness in a dignified and courageous manner and he is missed by us all. Thank you Cliff for your legacy, you were a very special person and we are all honoured to have known you.

Bill Morris

Tribute submitted by the LIFE Patient Support Group, Perth

Bill Morris was the founder and leader of the respiratory support group, Altone Improvers in Beechboro, Perth. Bill had lived with COPD for a number of years, but was diagnosed earlier this year with an aggressive form of Motor Neurone Disease and he died on 29 July. He was
a caring and committed leader who went the extra mile to provide support to his fellow group members, regularly ringing them to check on their wellbeing and hosting meals at his home. Welsh by birth, he and his family migrated to Australia many years ago. He rarely felt the cold, trotting around in shorts and T-shirt, even in winter. LIFE extends their condolences to Bill’s family and the members of Altone Improvers who will miss his larger than life personality.