May 8, 2017

From the CEO

Dear readers,

I have recently returned from the annual Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) conference which is an excellent opportunity for Lung Foundation Australia to reconnect with the clinical and research community. Research is fundamental to the work of Lung Foundation Australia.

It underpins everything we do, ensuring we provide best-practice services, information and support to patients and health professionals.

One of the most important activities in which we are involved in at the TSANZ conference is our presentation of the annual Lung Foundation Australia research awards. The Foundation has significantly increased its funding to these research awards over the last two years, from a total of $393,000 in 2015 to $679,150 in 2016. This is agai projected to increase to $821,690 in 2017. This is a combination of funding contributed by the Foundation, and funding we have been able to leverage through partnerships with research organisations and universities.

Several of our 2017 research awards recipients were announced at the TSANZ conference:

To see our full program of awards please visit

For the past five years, Lung Foundation Australia has recognised the contributions of our volunteers. We have dozens of dedicated patient advocates and clinical experts who give generously and freely of their time to help us deliver important services to our communities. This year, Lung Foundation Australia has proudly welcomed five new members into our lifetime achievement award club who have all made significant contributions to helping people living with lung disease across Australia.

Dr Steven Rudolphy has been a member of Lung Foundation Australia’s General Practice Advisory Group since 2007.

Dr Helen Bell, a respiratory and sleep physician from Western Australia joined Lung Foundation Australia’s COPD Coordinating Committee in 2008.

Ms Caroline Polak-Scowcroft is the Deputy Chair of our COPD Patient Advisory Group and became involved with the Lung Foundation as the carer for her husband, Bill who had COPD.

Ms Victoria Taber was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009 at 29 and a never smoker. Victoria has been a strong and loyal advocate for Lung Foundation Australia on behalf of those with lung cancer promoting the message of early diagnosis and debunking the myths around lung cancer.
A/Prof Matthew Peters has made significant contributions to the Lung Foundation for almost 15 years in shaping many of the programs that form important elements of the National Lung Cancer Program including the Lung Cancer Network Australia which brings patients together to support one another and advocating for lung cancer nurses in Australia.

To read more about our lifetime achievement award winners visit

Last but not least I’d like to extend congratulations to Prof Jennifer Alison for being awarded the TSANZ 50th Anniversary Medal in Education and Training at the 2017 TSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting in Canberra. Prof Alison’s contributions to education and mentoring have been pivotal to enhancing the evidence-base for pulmonary rehabilitation in Australia.

Lung Foundation Australia also held a free lung testing event at Parliament House during TSANZ encouraging the politicians to check in with their lung health. The day was a great success testing over 120 politicians and parliamentary staff members’ lung health and raising awareness.

Yours sincerely,

Heather Allan