October 27, 2015

Get Involved This Lung Health Awareness Month

Every day we breathe about 22,000 times.

However, most of us never stop to think about our breathing, it’s just something we do. We know that more than 50% of all Australians rarely or never think about the health of their lungs.i

It’s time Australians started taking the health of their lungs as seriously as they take the health of their heart, breasts or prostate.

November is Lung Health Awareness Month and there will be many awareness events and activities designed to help people think about their lungs held throughout Australia.

It’s not too late to for you and your patients to get involved and host and awareness event activity. This could be lung function screening in your practice or simply displaying our Lung Health Checklist and raising awareness of the symptoms of a lung disease. Whatever you choose, we have several resources to support your event or activity including balloons, posters, brochures, awareness pins and more.

Events throughout the month include:

  • World Pneumonia Day – 12 November
  • International Lung Cancer Awareness Day – 17 November
  • World COPD Day – 18 November
  • Asbestos Awareness week – 23-27 November
  • Shine A Light on lung cancer events
  • Catch Your Breath Community Walks
  • Free lung screening in the pharmacies and the community setting
  • Information stands in hospitals and public places

Phone our freecall Information and Support Centre on 1800 654 301 or visit our websites below for more information about how you can get involved.

Lung Foundation Australia encourages people start the conversation this November about the importance of breathing and to take our simple two minute online Lung Health Checklist at www.lunghealthchecklist.com.au.

For resources and information visit www.lungfoundation.com.au or phone our freecall Information and Support Centre on 1800 654 301.


More information

World COPD Day

18 November is World COPD Day and Lung Foundation Australia is encouraging you to get involved by holding your own activity to raise awareness about the symptoms, risk factors and treatment for COPD.

Register your activity by 6 November http://worldcopdday.lungfoundation.com.au/register-events/  to receive your free promo pack.

Other items (like t-shirts) are also available for order from the World COPD Day online shop here http://shop.lungfoundation.com.au/product-category/world-copd-day


Shine A Light on Lung Cancer

Shine A Light events can be as small or as big as you like – they may be a morning tea or sausage sizzle with your team or colleagues.

This year we are shining a light on the inequalities that exist around lung cancer research funding – only five per cent of tumour-specific research funding was allocated to investigating lung cancer, despite being Australia’s biggest cancer killer.ii

More research is needed to fight this disease, find better treatments and aim for a cure. So please get involved and help us to facilitate more lung cancer research. Research leads to better patient outcomes and is critical to saving lives!

We can supply you with event t-shirts, lung cancer awareness pins, torches, collection containers and brochures. Simply email Kerrie at kerrie@lungfoundation.com.au.

This November, make a donation to lung cancer research by visiting https://shinealightonlungcancer.everydayhero.com/au/LFA or phoning freecall 1800 654 301.



i Galaxy Research Omnibus, January 2014 (wave 1)

ii Cancer Australia 2014. Cancer Research in Australia: an overview of funding to cancer research projects and research programs in Australia 2006 to 2011, Cancer Australia, Surry Hills, NSW.