July 17, 2017

Have the CHAT to stay well and out of hospital

Lung Foundation Australia is encouraging people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to Have the CHAT with their doctor so they can stay well and out of hospital during the cooler months. COPD is the second leading cause of preventable hospitalisations in Australia1 and every exacerbation (flare-up of symptoms) does long term damage2. That’s why it’s important to recognise the symptoms, which include:

  • Coughing more than usual
  • Harder to breathe than usual
  • Any change in sputum (phlegm) colour and/or volume
  • Tired more than usual (less active)

If you have these symptoms, Have the CHAT with your doctor so you can stay well and out of hospital. Lung Foundation Australia also has a suite of evidence-based resources to support you in managing your COPD at www.lungfoundation.com.au/have-the-chat.

Lung Foundation Australia’s Have the CHAT campaign is supported by AstraZeneca.