Have the CHAT

Resources for GPs

Have the CHAT’ is a Lung Foundation Australia initiative to help patients recognise early symptoms of an exacerbation of their COPD to reduce the chance of hospitalisation. ‘Have the CHAT’ is supported by AstraZeneca.

Lung Foundation Australia has developed a suite of dedicated GP resources which are provided as part of the ‘Have the CHAT’  initiative.

Please feel free to download the resources below.


Waiting Room Video with or without subtitles

This is Colleen’s story about living with COPD.  Please download it to play on your waiting room monitors.

Download either a subtitled or not subtitled version of the video below.


Have the Chat Video


Have the Chat Video (Subtitled)



Managing Exacerbation Algorithm COPD Action PlanCOPD-X Concise Guide for Primary Care 
Managing Exacerbation AlgorithmCOPD Action PlanCOPD-X Concise Guide for Primary Care
Stepwise Management of Stable COPDCOPECOPE
Stepwise Management of Stable COPDC.O.P.E. COPD Online Patient EducationHave the CHAT - poster
Have the CHAT - flyer

This pilot is supported by AstraZeneca.