Have the CHAT

Resources for Patients/Carers and Community Groups

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About ‘Have the CHAT’

Lung Foundation Australia is running an initiative to help patients recognise early symptoms of an exacerbation of their COPD to reduce the chance of hospitalisation.  This initiative is called ‘Have the CHAT’ and is supported by AstraZeneca.

Lung Foundation Australia has developed a suite of resources to help patients ‘Have the CHAT’ with their doctor about their COPD exacerbation so that they can recognise and manage any worsening symptoms and avoid hospitalisation. These resources can be found below.

The resources include:

  • COPD Action Plan (to write together with your doctor)
  • Tips for talking with your doctor about COPD
  • COPD Symptoms Diary
  • C.O.P.E. COPD Online Patient Education – click on the image below to take you to this website

We encourage you to download them, print them and keep them handy to refer to regularly. Alternatively, you could ask your doctor to help create a COPD Action Plan for you at your GP next visit.

Community groups can help Lung Foundation Australia to promote this initiative in their local areas by liking Lung Foundation’s Facebook page and sharing the ‘Have the CHAT’ posts, and by displaying flyers and posters at your premises. The flyers and posters are available for download below. Please contact Lung Foundation Australia if you require hard copies of posters and flyers.


COPD Action Plan and Steps for writing plan May 2015Tips to talk to DoctorCOPE
COPD Action PlanTalking with your doctor about COPDC.O.P.E. COPD Online Patient Education
Action planCOPECOPE
COPD Symptoms DiaryHave the CHAT - posterHave the CHAT - flyer