March 12, 2015

Have you Talked with Patients About Their Lung Age?

Motivate patients to quit smoking

Research shows that talking with patients about their ‘Lung Age’ motivates them to quit smoking.

Lung Foundation Australia has a ‘Lung Age Estimator’ available for health professionals to use in their conversations with smokers as part of the recently updated Primary Care Respiratory Toolkit.

By entering a patient’s age, height, gender and FEV₁ (Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second) their lung age is estimated. A graph is also shown which highlights the rate of lung function decline. There are two rates of future lung function decline shown on the graph for an individual including:

  • Rate of decline if the person gives up smoking today
  • Rate of decline if the person continues to smoke

The Primary Care Respiratory Toolkit also includes numerous clinical resources including a spirometry calculator, pack-years calculator, concise and summary versions of the COPD-X Guidelines.

FEV₁ can be obtained from a spirometer or a COPD screening device such as the PiKo-6 or a COPD-6. Visit the Lung Foundation case finding in the community page to find out more about the PiKo-6 and COPD-6.