Instructor Training

I want to become a Lungs in Action instructor. Is it right for me?

As exercise professionals are now faced with an overwhelming amount of clients who are diagnosed, or show symptoms of chronic lung conditions, it is important to be upskilled in this area to ensure safety and optimal outcomes for these clients.

Our best-practice Lungs in Action program is a unique training opportunity for exercise professionals interested in increasing their knowledge or professional development by learning the skills to provide safe exercise maintenance classes for those living with a chronic lung condition.

Lungs in Action instructors complete a comprehensive online theoretical training program along with practical modules which link in with locally placed rehabilitation ‘mentors’.

Benefits of becoming a Lungs in Action instructor include:

  • Increasing knowledge about chronic lung disease and heart failure and the impact it has on exercise.
  • Learning the practical skills to manage a breathless client including modifying exercise programs to suit individual needs of class participants.
  • Ability to implement appropriate safety precautions and risk management protocols for exercising a person with chronic lung conditions and/or heart failure.
  • Working as an extension of a team of health professionals to provide exercise support for people living with chronic lung disease.
  • Developing and building professional networks and relationships for a long term sustainable referral pathway.

In order to become a Lungs in Action instructor the Lungs in Action Full Instructor training package must be completed. This training option combines the Lungs in Action Theory Online Training with the Lungs in Action Practical Training.