Become a Lungs in Action Mentor

The practical component of the Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training includes mentoring support from the local pulmonary and heart failure rehabilitation programs to ensure trainees are provided the guidance and skill-set required to deliver safe and effective programs in the community.

Without the valuable support of mentors, Lungs in Action could not run it’s current format. Mentors are an integral component to the program and the Lung Foundation is thankful for their involvement. 

Exercise professionals, such as exercise physiologists or physiotherapists who are involved in delivering pulmonary and/or heart failure rehabilitation are encouraged to become mentors to further enhance their professional development and teaching, in addition to supporting  the development of this important community-based exercise service to refer patients to.

Time Commitment and Expectations

Mentoring is designed to fit into your existing schedule as best as possible, and all required meetings and supervision with trainees will be scheduled with a time most convenient for you.  

To successfully mentor a trainee, you must be willing to allow approximately 4-5 hours of support involving a number of Lung Foundation Australia Lungs in Action specific assessments.

All mentors are supported by Lung Foundation Australia’s Lungs in Action program manager and will be provided with information and resources to support their mentoring process. This support is available through the training journey to ensure you obtain the best experience. 


  • Mentors must be a physiotherapist or accredited exercise physiologists with at least 12 months experience in delivering pulmonary and/or heart failure rehabilitation. If you do not have both, two mentors – one pulmonary and one heart failure are required to oversee a trainee.
  • All mentors must provide one page outlining your clinical experience which must include a minimum of 12 months of delivering the particular service you intend to mentor for.

To find out more about becoming a mentor, contact us.