November 27, 2014

Just One Breath can help address Lung Disease in Australia

On average people take 28,800 breaths a day, yet this simple and easy act is often taken for granted. Yet millions of Australians are affected by lung disease every day.

To start this important conversation about our lung health, Lung Foundation Australia has joined with several well-known Australians who have shared their story about what Just One Breath means to them and to celebrate the precious gift of breathing.

With a focus on positive health and wellbeing, Just One Breath aims to inspire conversations about lung health. This is vital because, while we think about our heart and breast health, the importance of lung health is often taken for granted.

In November, Lung Foundation Australia released a new report, Lung Disease in Australia which summarises in one place and for the first time, information about the overall prevalence, burden and impact of the wide range of lung diseases that affect Australians.

Prepared especially for Lung Foundation Australia by the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research the report revealed lung disease contributes to more than 10 per cent of the overall health burden in Australia.

In fact, lung disease was the cause of:

  • 20,376 deaths in 2012, or almost 14% of all deaths
  • 276,505 hospitalisations in 2011-12, representing almost 3% of all hospitalisations
  • More than 1.4 million hospital patient-days in 2011-12, more than 5% of all patient-days.

Despite these figures, most of people never think about breathing and take their lung health for granted.

 What can you do?