February 20, 2017

Love Your Lungs’ club update

Following the launch of our new ‘Love Your Lungs’ club in September last year, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response with about 550 club members now signed up, an increase of approximately 50 per cent. The club is a great way to show people with lung disease how much you care and if you elect to join, you are helping us drive advocacy, awareness, education, support and research programs in Australia.

‘Love Your Lungs’ cost and membership benefits

The club costs $30 per year to join and will offer a variety of benefits, including supporter gifts; discounts on Lung Foundation Australia’s resources and events; and a discount program which provides great deals including travel, shopping and restaurants. Members will also be able to receive a hard copy of LungNet News each quarter.

Can I still receive LungNet News if I’m not a member?

From May 2017, only ‘Love Your Lungs’ club members will be able to receive a hard copy of LungNet News in the mail. Even though you are currently receiving a hard copy of LungNet News, it does not mean you are automatically a Lung Foundation Australia financial member. If you wish to continue receiving a hard copy of the newsletter and you are unsure whether you are a financial member, please call us on 1800 654 301 or email enquiries@lungfoundation.com.au to check your membership status. If you are a current financial member, you will receive a reminder when your membership is due for renewal. You can still choose to receive the electronic version of LungNet News by email free of charge. If you wish to change to this option, please contact us. Downloadable copies will also be available on our website.

We thank all our supportive members and look forward to welcoming more of you into the club this year.