August 18, 2016

Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Team Directory helps show the way

A new Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Directory, an essential tool in helping patients and health professionals find the best available treatment pathways, was formally launched overnight.

An Australian first for clinicians, patients and consumers, this new online directory was launched by Lung Foundation Australia CEO, Heather Allan, and Lung Foundation Australia’s Lung Cancer Consultative Group Chair, Prof Kwun Fong, at the 6th Australian Lung Cancer Conference in Melbourne.

Australian guidelines highlight the need for rapid referral of patients with suspected or proven lung cancer to a specialist associated with an MDT and that MDT care is the standard for all lung cancer patients.

MDTs use a collaborative team approach to care, providing access to multiple health professionals (e.g. lung cancer support nurse, medical oncologist and surgeon) throughout the disease trajectory of a lung cancer patient.

They address all aspects of a lung cancer patient’s care, including their psychological and physical needs, and best practice standards in treatment plans. The MDT Directory facilitates referrals to hospitals delivering MDT-based lung cancer management, improving access and treatment for patients who present to their GP or clinician with symptoms of lung cancer.

The MDT Directory is an online tool that allows users to search by location or state, lists the available MDTs, and provides details about each MDT’s diagnostic and treatment modalities, team composition and referral pathway.

Visit to view the directory. For more information email Claire Mulvihill, Lung Cancer Support Nurse, at or freecall 1800 654 301.