August 1, 2015

Lung Cancer Network Australia Update

Kerrie Callaghan, Project Manager, Lung Cancer, Lung Foundation Australia

Hold a Shine a Light on Lung Cancer awareness event this November

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and we are calling on you to help us shine a light on the inequalities in Brisbane SAL 2014 300pxlung cancer by holding your own lung cancer awareness event. Shine a light events bring together lung cancer
survivors, patients, their family and friends, health professionals, and researchers as one resilient voice in support of earlier diagnosis and treatment, better patient outcomes and more research funding.

You can host an event at your home, local park, workplace, hospital or local cancer community centre. For ideas, information and support on planning your shine a light on lung cancer event visit

Your event can also be a fundraiser, visit to set up an online fundraising page and share your lung cancer story with your community of family and friends. For event enquiries, please contact Kerrie Callaghan via email or call 1800 654 301.

Lung Cancer Patient Telephone Support Groups

Now on Tuesdays and Thursdays

The Lung Cancer Patient Telephone Support Groups give patients the opportunity to connect with other lung cancer patients, support one another and share experiences and knowledge. Now taking place on the second Tuesday, as well as the first and third Thursday of the month, these private and confidential groups are coordinated by two trained facilitators and run for one hour. For more information, please phone 1800 654 301 and ask for Kerrie.