May 1, 2016

Lung Cancer Warriors Cookbook

Cookbook has arrived!My mum, Frances Schembri, a lifelong never-smoker was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 52. In the past, Mum had helped with a cookbook fundraiser so we decided we would create The Lung Cancer Warriors’ Cookbook®, a collection of recipes from lung cancer warriors to help fundraise and raise awareness of lung cancer. Sadly, mum passed away in April 2015, but my sister and I decided to realise mum’s dream of publishing the book. With support from 15 famous personalities in Australia and the USA, we compiled a collection of over 100 recipes from people touched by lung cancer.

The Lung Cancer Warriors’ Cookbook® can be purchased at Profits raised from the sale of the book and other merchandise will be donated to Lung Foundation Australia’s Lung Cancer Network Australia.