October 27, 2015

Lung Foundation Australia launches International Thoracic Alliance for Cancer Trials (TACT) at World Lung Cancer Conference

The Thoracic Alliance for Cancer Trials (TACT) was officially established on 6 September, during the 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) in Denver, Colorado.

Representatives from more than 20 national and trans-national thoracic oncology clinical research groups attended the meeting where the formation of TACT was announced by Professor Paul Mitchell, ALTG President and inaugural Chair of the TACT Board.

Professor Mitchell said it was exciting to see this idea, two years in the making, come to fruition. The possibility to conduct trials that would previously have been too complex or difficult to run is an important step forward for patients everywhere.

The next three years is a critical period for TACT, with efforts focused on demonstrating the group’s capabilities and potential through the initiation of a trial that involves a world-first genuinely global collaboration of thoracic oncology researchers.

TACT will focus on activities which benefit from the scope and size of its worldwide network, including:

  • Developing and conducting trials which require large numbers of patients and/or where accrual is difficult, including multi-modality therapy, rare thoracic malignancies or rare thoracic malignancy subtypes
  • Conducting translational research
  • Collaborating with other scientific networks
  • Promoting other academic thoracic oncology activities

General membership of TACT is open to groups (rather than individual researchers or sites) with a focus on demonstrated capabilities in conducting high quality clinical research in thoracic oncology. Additional categories of membership are available including observer status for groups having an interest in, but not directly conducting, thoracic oncology clinical research such as the NCRI-UK and regulatory bodies including the NCI.

The TACT membership will meet twice per year at a General Assembly, which is planned to be held in conjunction with the annual ASCO and WCLC meetings.

The TACT Board comprises members from groups across Europe, North America and Australasia:

Europe: Bartomeu Massuti, GCEP Spain; Marianne Nicolson, NCRI UK; Mary O’Brien, EORTC; Rolf Stahel, ETOP; Gerard Zalcman, IFCT

North America: Glen Goss, NCIC-CTG Canada; Rebecca Heist, Alliance USA; Karen Kelly, SWOG USA; Suresh Ramalingam, ECOG USA

Australasia: Tony Mok, Asia representative; Paul Mitchell, ALTG Australia/New Zealand (Chair); Nick Pavlakis, ALTG Australia/New Zealand; Ken O’Byrne, ALTG Australia/New Zealand