July 27, 2016

Lung Foundation Australia to support people as they QUIT4october

Quit4 LogoLung Foundation Australia will be there for people as they take the challenge to quit smoking for a month in October. Now in its second year, QUIT4october is a month long quit smoking campaign that encourages people with the support of their health professional, friends and family to stop the cigarettes.

The campaign is based on evidence that those who achieve their goal of being smoke free for 28 days, are at least five times more likely to become permanent ex-smokers than they were at the start, as a result of having recovered from the worst of the cravings and withdrawal.

The QUIT4october campaign encourages smokers to get on board and discuss a personalised smoking cessation program with their health professional.

People will be able to sign up for support online as well as through a pilot app being developed initially for the iOS platform. Lung Foundation Australia CEO Heather Allan said 75 per cent of smokers want to quit 1,2 and 40 per cent try at least once per year.3

“Working together at a community level to encourage people to quit smoking is a vital step forward in promoting healthy living and preventing disease,” Mrs Allan said. “Even though the program starts on 1 October, people can sign up at any time throughout the month,” she said.

Visit www.lungfoundation.com.au to sign up or for more information.


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