Lung Health Legends

With our 30-year celebrations and other major events for the year cancelled, we are excited to be presenting our Lifetime Achievement Awards and the inaugural Lung Health Legend Awards virtually this year.

   2020 Award recipients 

These awards recognise individuals who have made a significant contribution to improving the lives of people impacted by lung disease or lung cancer.

Lung Health Legends

Professor Jennifer Alison 

Professor Jennifer Alison is a Professor of Respiratory Physiotherapy, Discipline of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney and the Conjoint Professor Allied Health (Chronic Diseases) Sydney Local Health District , where her role is to build the research capacity of allied health clinicians to ensure best-practice patient care. Prof Alison was a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Department of Physiotherapy, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital until 2015 and now holds an honorary appointment in this department. Prof Alison has worked as a clinician, researcher and teacher in the area of respiratory disease most of her career, particularly in pulmonary rehabilitation.

Professor Alison recent research interests have been the implementation of evidence into practice, particularly around implementing pulmonary rehabilitation in rural and remote regions and with Aboriginal Medical Services to improve equity of access. She leads the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australia, Global Alliance of Chronic Diseases Grant,aimed at improving lung health in Indigenous communities in Australia.  

Professor Alison has been a long-standing member of Lung Foundation Australia’s COPD and exercise committees, including:   

  • Member of the COPD Clinical Advisory Committee   
  • Chair of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network   
  • Chair of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Guidelines Executive Committee   
  • Member of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Guidelines Writing Group   
  • Member of the Lungs in Action Expert Advisory Panel   

Professor Alison has also collaborated with Lung Foundation Australia on various resources for patients and clinicians including but not limited to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit, Better Living with Exercise Book and the development and facilitation of the Breath Easy Walk Easy program. Professor Alison has been an integral supporter and key expert in advocacy efforts within pulmonary rehabilitation such as funding and government submissions including the MBS item number.   

 We thank Professor Alison for her passion in improving management options and increasing access to pulmonary rehabilitation for people living with chronic lung diseases.   

Associate Professor Tamera Corte

Associate Professor Tamera Corte is a Consultant Respiratory Physician and Director of Interstitial Lung Disease at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

Associate Professor Corte is the Chair of the Australian Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Registry Steering Committee, and a member of multiple international task forces.  

Associate Professor Corte served as Clinical Fellow in Interstitial Lung Disease at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and has a PhD in the identification of pulmonary vascular dysfunction in interstitial lung disease. She continues her research at Sydney University, where she is Chief Investigator on a Centre of Excellence NHMRC grant for Pulmonary Fibrosis.  

Associate Professor Corte volunteers on many Lung Foundation Australia committee focused on rare lung disease, including:   

  • Chair of the Interstitial Lung Disease Registry Steering Committee   
  • Member of the Rare Lung Disease Clinical Advisory Committee  
  • Member of the Pulmonary Intestinal Vascular Organisation Taskforce   
  • Treasurer of the Pulmonary Fibrosis Australasian Clinical Trials Network (PACT)  
  • Member of the Australasian Rare Lung Disease Conference Organising Committee  
  • Member of the Clinical and Research Council   
  • Member of the Centre of Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis Translation and Education Subcommittee   

 We thank Associate Professor Corte for the years of dedication to improving the lives of Australians living with Pulmonary Fibrosis and rare lung disease.   

Professor Kwun Fong  

Kwun Fong is a Thoracic and Sleep Physician at The Prince Charles Hospital and Professor with the University of Queensland School of Medicine. Professor Fong is the Clinical Manager of the Pulmonary Malignancy Unit at The Prince Charles Hospital and Director of the University of Queensland Thoracic Research Centre which undertakes molecular, genomic and translational research in lung diseases.   

Kwun has had the pleasure of working with the Lung Foundation Australia’s Lung Cancer program team for many years and is a proud volunteer for various boards, including:   

  • Chair of the Australian Lung Cancer Conference   
  • Chair of the Lung Cancer Clinical Advisory Group   
  • Inaugural Chair of Australasian Lung Cancer Trials Group 
  • Member of the National Council   
  • Member of the Clinical and Research Council   
  • Member of the Your Voice Lung Cancer Clinician Advocates Group   

 We thank Kwun for his dedicated commitment to working with clinicians and the community in the lung cancer space and enriching the lives of those living with lung cancer.   

Professor Adam Jaffé

Professor Adam Jaffé is a Paediatric Respiratory Consultant at Sydney Children’s Hospital and the John Beveridge Professor of Paediatrics and Head of School of Women’s and Children’s Health at the University of New South Wales. Professor Jaffé specialises in children who have chest problems such as cough, asthma, chest infections and rare lung diseases. He has published over 200 research papers on children with lung disease.

Professor Jaffé is an active member of Lung Foundation Australia rare lung disease committees and taskforces, including:   

  • Chair of the Young Lungs Clinical Advisory Committee  
  • Member (and past chair) of the Rare Lung Disease Clinical Advisory Committee 
  • Chair of the Inaugural Australian Rare Lung Disease Course Committee
  • Chair of the Australian Genomics chILDRANZ Flagship (Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease in Children)  
  • Member of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee of Rare Voices Australia
  • Member of the advisory group of the National Strategic Action Plan for Lung Conditions
  • Chair of the Asthma Australia Research Advisory Committee 
  • Member of National Asthma Council, Australian Asthma Handbook Committee 
  • In addition to his work with committees, Professor Jaffé, also dedicates time to educating the Young Lungs community by presenting at free events including Parliamentary Friends of Lung Health, webinars and seminars.   

 We thank Professor Jaffé for his tireless commitment to children living with rare lung disease and their families.   

Professor Christine McDonald AM 

Professor Christine McDonald AM is the Director of the Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at Austin Health, Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne and Medical Director of the Institute for Breathing and Sleep, Vic. She is a practising respiratory physician with longstanding clinical and research interests in non-pharmacological management of chronic lung disease, particularly COPDoxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation, and has over 200 publications.  She is lead author of the current Thoracic Society Guidelines on Domiciliary Oxygen and has published widely in this field, including seminal articles on ambulatory and palliative oxygen, current recipient of NHMRC funding to assess the use of ambulatory oxygen in interstitial lung disease (a multicentre international randomised controlled trial). 

Professor McDonald is a key contributor to Lung Foundation Australia’s clinical COPD program, having served on many committees, including:   

  • Chair of the COPD Clinical Advisory Committee  
  • Member of the National Council
  • Member of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network  
  • Member of the COPD-X Guidelines Clinical Committee 
  • Member of the COPD-X Concise Guide for Primary Care Writing Committee
  • Member of the COVID-19 Expert Working Group
  • Member of the Clinical and Research Council
  • Professor McDonald also supports Lung Foundation Australia educational events both for patients and health professionals.    

Professor McDonald was honoured in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2018 for significant service to respiratory and sleep medicine as a clinician-researcher, administrator and mentor, and to professional medical organisations.  

We thank Professor McDonald for her dedication to improving access to treatment and care for people living with COPD.   

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Mr Wes Cook

Mr Cook is the Managing Director of Boehringer Ingelheim Australia and New Zealand and is the former Chairman of Medicines Australia, the industry organisation representing the innovative pharmaceutical industry. For decades the Boehringer Ingelheim family have shared Lung Foundation Australia’s mission to improve the lives of Australians living with lung disease and provide hope for future generations through research.   

We recognise Mr Cook for his support of Lung Foundation Australia as both personally and in his professional capacity. Through his professional roles, Mr Cook has made significant contributions to advancing lung health research and advocating to government. He has Also made substantial personal contributions to lung health research. Over the last 25 years, Mr Cook has passionately advocated for increased investment in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Interstitial Lung Disease research at both a national and international level. His friendship to Lung Foundation Australia over many years has transcended his professional roles and is perhaps best illustrated by his personal interest in the COPD Fellows and the advancement of their lung research careers.  

We thank Mr Cook for his continued support of Lung Foundation Australia and our community.

Associate Professor Sue Jenkins

Adjunct Associate Professor Susan Jenkins is a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Physiotherapy clinician and researcher at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Curtin University and the Institute for Respiratory Health in Western Australia. Associate Professor Jenkins has been a member of Lung Foundation Australia’s COPD-X Guidelines Committee since 2005, providing specialist knowledge in the areas of physical activity, exercise and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Over the last 15 years, Associate Professor Jenkins has been integral to many other Lung Foundation Australia Committees, including:   

  • Member of the COPD-X Concise   
  • Member of the COPD-X Guidelines Clinical Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Guidelines Executive Committee  
  • Member of the Lungs in Action Reviewers Committee  

In 2016, Associate Professor Jenkins was recognised in the Australia Day honours with the award of the OAM in the General Division for service to medicine, particularly in the field of pulmonary rehabilitation.  The Medal was awarded in recognition of her work in coordinating the pulmonary rehabilitation service in the Physiotherapy Department at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and as a revered researcher Over the last 15 years, Associate Professor Jenkins has spent an immeasurable amount of time engaged in work for Lung Foundation Australia of a voluntary capacity which includes countless hours spent in the air travelling from her home in Western Australia to the eastern seaboard.   

 We thank Associate Professor Jenkins for the work and the significant contribution she has made toward helping people living with lung disease across Australia.    



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