February 23, 2015

Lungs in Action Latest News: Funding Update and Welcome to Newcastle Lungs in Action

Lungs in Action - Broadmeadow NSW 2Emma Gainer, Program Manager, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lungs in Action, Lung Foundation Australia

As a regular LungNet reader you may already know Lungs in Action is Lung Foundation Australia’s maintenance exercise program specially developed for those who have completed pulmonary or heart failure rehabilitation. However, did you know these ongoing weekly exercise classes are now found in more than 60 locations across the country? These community classes allow people with a chronic lung condition to safely exercise under the supervision of a specially trained exercise professional. Lungs in Action is an important part of ensuring those with a lung condition can maintain the benefits gained in rehabilitation. However, this program unfortunately does not receive any ongoing funding.

This means the ability to meet community needs for classes or support already established classes to remain affordable and sustainable is a hard and slow process and, at times, is not achievable.

Lung Foundation Australia is grateful for the local community support and one off grants we have received for these programs. In 2014 we received grants from Aurizon, Darwin City Council, Townsville City Council and Gold Coast City Council. These grants have contributed to the development of new Lungs in Action locations in Newcastle, Darwin and Townsville as well as supporting the continued roll out in the Gold Coast region. The addition of these new locations has already greatly contributed to the health and wellbeing of many people living with a chronic lung condition. A Lung Foundation Australia representative recently visited the new Lungs in Action program in Newcastle and obtained first hand positive feedback about the difference these classes provide. Members reported that since starting Lungs in Action they have benefited both physically and socially. Their instructor is supportive and friendly and, most of all, each person indicated that they look forward to attending the weekly classes. Lung Foundation Australia and the members of the Newcastle Lungs in Action class would like to thank Aurizon for the grant to support this program.

Lung Foundation Australia would like to acknowledge the support from rehabilitation programs and pulmonary and heart failure rehabilitation clinicians for their part in the training process and referral pathways. Without their time and expertise Lungs in Action would simply not be possible.