November 10, 2014

Lungs in Action Latest News: Hornsby Lungs in Action Maintains “Healthy Lifestyles”

Emma Gainer, Program Manager, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lungs in Action, Lung Foundation Australia

Hornsby LIA2. Hornsby LIA1

It’s often the little things that we take for granted. For the majority of us gardening, housework or going for a walk are tasks we do on a regular basis with minimal effort or thought. However, for those living with a chronic lung condition, these everyday tasks can be challenging and therefore valued greatly. Lung Foundation Australia recently gained insight from a number of the participants of Healthy Lifestyle’s Lungs in Action program in Hornsby about what they value most about attending the weekly classes.

By maintaining regular exercise at Lungs in Action, Jill reported that the classes have enabled her to continue to play golf and more recently she has noticed her strength when lifting pots in the garden has improved, making gardening easier and more enjoyable.

Paul has new-found confidence and reported that he was previously “afraid to do anything” but now finds himself doing the exercises in his own time.

These days, Trish is able to regularly get up and go for a walk without being as breathless.

Tradesman, Richard said he recently took part in building a deck at home which is something he may not have been able to do without keeping up his regular exercise.

Whether it is having the confidence to walk up the stairs, attending your grandchild’s graduation ceremony, having the balance to check your tyre pressure and oil, or any of the other outcomes that the Hornsby Lungs in Action participants have shared, keeping active after pulmonary rehabilitation is an important part of maintaining a good quality of life if you have a chronic lung condition.

Healthy Lifestyle is a physical activity program for adults, which has been run across the Northern Sydney area for over 30 years. A part of Health Promotion (NSW Ministry of Health), the program works closely with the hospital pulmonary rehabilitation teams and offers seven Lungs in Action classes across four sites – Hornsby, Manly, Ryde, and St Leonards. There is currently a drive to increase participation in Hornsby, so if you live in this area and are interested in attending this Lungs in Action class please call Healthy Lifestyle on 02 8877 5300. For further information about Healthy Lifestyle, you can also visit their website at:

Lungs in Action is now run in over 60 locations throughout Australia. For more information, or to locate your closest program, please visit or call Lung Foundation’s Information and Support Centre free call on 1800 654 301.