March 12, 2015

MedAdvisor: A New Virtual Pharmacist

MedAdvisor puts a virtual pharmacist on your patients’ phone or computer.

This new, free software connects your patients with their local pharmacy to help them manage their medicines and ensures they take them safely, effectively and on-time.

MedAdvisor is available whenever needed via their mobile or computer. It provides an automatic list of all their current prescription medications, updated whenever they fill scripts. For each medicine they’ll see important information including the number of repeats, remaining days of supply left and colour indicators if action is required.

There are several other useful features including:

  • See my doctor – reminding you to visit your doctor to get new scripts after you use the final repeat
  • Take my meds – reminds you when to take your daily medications
  • Tap to refill – order prescriptions in advance at your favourite pharmacy
  • Personalised tips
  • Medication information
  • Favourite pharmacy details
  • Pharmacy locator
  • Carer mode – manage medication of other family members all from within your account

Check out their website for more information about the features, benefits and getting started here.