November 17, 2015

More lung cancer research funding needed to save lives

Lung Foundation Australia put the focus on lung cancer research with the launch of four lung cancer research grant opportunities worth $230,000 to top-up existing research and to seek Australian Universities to express their interest in leveraging and co-funding PhD Scholarships.

Co-funding with Australian Universities opens additional research opportunities with three PhD scholarships in lung cancer for younger researchers being announced today.

This research is funded through money raised through hosting the 2013 World Conference on Lung Cancer in Sydney and may be used in areas related to any aspect of lung cancer such as the molecular basis of the disease, its diagnosis and treatment, improved management and care, or the evaluation of palliative strategies in the advanced disease setting.

Lung Foundation Australia CEO Heather Allan said she was proud to support young lung cancer researchers but cautioned that lung cancer research was significantly underfunded nationally.

Mrs Allan said only five per cent of tumour-specific research funding was allocated to investigating lung cancer, despite being Australia’s biggest cancer killer.i

“Today is International Lung Cancer Awareness Day and Lung Foundation Australia is calling on the Federal Government to increase life-saving research funding,” Mrs Allan said.

“The Lung Foundation is shining a light on lung cancer, raising much needed funds for research and highlighting the inequities lung cancer patients and their families face at special community events throughout November,” she said.

“More Australians die from lung cancer than breast, ovarian and prostate cancer patients combined,” Mrs Allan said.ii

“In fact, more than 8,600 Australians die each year due to lung cancer, that’s more than 23 people a day,ii” she said.

“Around 11,500 Australians are diagnosed with lung cancer each year and this figure is expected to rise by a further 21 per cent by the year 2020.iii

“There is a clear correlation between funds allocated to cancer research and improved survival rates.

“The five year survival rate for both breast and prostate cancer patients is 90 per cent or more and has improved dramatically over the past 25 years.i

“The five year survival rate for lung cancer patients remains low at 14 per cent.i

Lung Foundation Australia said lung cancer survival rates would improve if more funding was allocated to lung cancer research.

“We know that research leads to better patient outcomes and is critical to saving lives,” Mrs Allan said.

“Recent advances in lung cancer screening, early detection and treatment have provided a new ray of hope for patients and their families,” she said.

“We applaud the breakthroughs other cancers have seen and we want to see these kinds of breakthroughs for lung cancer patients.

“Lung Foundation Australia, through our lung cancer initiatives such as Lung Cancer Network Australia and Australian Lung cancer Trials Group, are proud of our investment in lung cancer research.

“These research awards are an excellent opportunity for students, graduates and health professionals interested in focusing their research on lung cancer. These are the people who will be at the forefront of lung cancer research in the future and we want to continue to nurture and drive potential advances.

“Every dollar raised from our Shine A Light on lung cancer campaign will be invested in local lung cancer research.”

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Research Grants

Expression of Interest PhD Scholarship in Lung Cancer Research

Lung Foundation Australia is calling for expressions of interest from Universities in Australia to partner and co-fund PhD Scholarships in Lung Cancer Research. This PhD Scholarship is ideally aimed at a researcher who is commencing a higher degree.

Lung Foundation Australia has three PhD scholarship opportunities with a set amount of funds of $15,000 per year over a three year period (total funding: $45,000).

The Lung Foundation invites you to submit an Expression of Interest/Application should your University be interested in co-funding a PhD Scholarship which will be administered and undertaken at your University.


Lung Foundation Australia – Lung Cancer National Program 2016 Grant-in-Aid for Lung Cancer Research

Lung Foundation Australia invites applications for the 2016 Grant-in-aid of $10,000 for one year to support lung cancer related research.

Applications to support research into other Thoracic Cancers such as Mesothelioma, Thymomas, Mediastinal Tumors or Chest Wall Tumours will also be considered.

The Grant-in-Aid funding has been established with the specific purpose of supporting world class scientific research by suitably qualified medical and allied health practitioners (including Nursing).

For more information or to apply for Lung Foundation Australia’s lung cancer research awards, visit



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