February 20, 2017

My Cancer Pal

My Cancer Pal (MCP) is a mobile app for Australians living with cancer, providing 24/7 access to key management and support tools, combined with reliable peer-reviewed information.

Through years working with people living with cancer, Lung Cancer Nurse Consultant and MCP founder Sara McLaughlin-Barrett recognised how important it was for patients to be able to independently take control of their day-to-day symptoms and treatment side effects and ensure they felt supported and empowered throughout every step of their cancer journey.

Functions within the app include access to a range of evidence-based tools and resources which allow the patient to independently manage the daily challenges of living with lung cancer. These include a pain tracker, the facility to track and manage medications and a weekly carers’ update.

For more information or to download the app, visit www.mycancerpal.com.au.